Thursday, June 3, 2010


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Given Dr Sallas role in the Source A is scam. Everyone pelase realize that Exopolitics is DEAD as is Sallas reputation. He has zero credibility and has successfully destroyed his own reputation and ability to support himself financially, through his own ego

Nice one "Dr"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Can we look at some facts?
If we have no real evidence that an alien race such as Altimarians exists then can we be sure they are legitimate beings?
Or, do they exist only in the thoughts of those who believe in them?
Thought-forms are important. They are part of the human mind, and as such they can take form and become "real"
But are they real in the sense of being separate entities with their own thoughts and their own individual biological make up?
There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this.
But, Dr. Richard Boylan seems to think there is.
A simple Google search of the word "Altimarian" or "Altimarians" quickly shows us that all mention of them is either written by Dr. Richard Boylan, or, is written by someone who always refers back to Dr. Boylan as the source.
There may even be coincidental psychic experiences where someone feels like they have been shown something or have experienced the same exact thing as another group member holding the same belief.
What actually happens is collective thought patterns can manifest in the psychic realm. This would prove psychic energy is real, but does it prove the entities embodied by the psychic thoughts are real?
If we have done any research on the ancient aliens theory we do find evidence that some form of entities have been recorded throughout history. Something is there and has been there for all time.
We do not find the Altimarian race in history, nor do we find many other races that are claimed to exist - those claims coming from people whose own personal thoughts and beliefs just happen to coincide with the thoughts and beliefs of the entities they speak of.
In the old movie "the 10 Commandments" Pharaoh Ramses gets upset with Moses and his own magicians and says to them "You prophets and priests made the gods, that you may prey upon the fears of men."
And, while I am a believer in God, and in the supernatural, I also recognize that in some cases the "gods" and entities are nothing more than the thoughts of men, invented as a control mechanism by minds of an egocentric nature.
Study the MAN. Study the ENTITY. Compare them. You will find them to be one in the same.