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"Do not Give Richard Boylan access to your children", says mother of twins."

Please, share as much as possible. Thanks in the name of the kids.

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Subject: Re: Complete Paranoia
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I have already sent your group my experience and it was posted on one of the blogs and sent to members. I agree with you that the children must be protected. Dr. B was was hateful to my twins. They are only 12 yrs old. Even they could see that Dr. B has some mental issues. I pray that the parents in this group keep their eyes open and not give this man access to their children.


Monday, April 18, 2011

NO to Richard Boylan.

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Subject: Why Girard College said NO to Richard Boylan.

The truth about Girard College denial of authorization for the "Workshop".
The authorities of this prestigious college were contacted by a small group of men and women that feel responsible for the protection of our community.
The Girard College negative was based in two elements:
One of these was the reading of the Full and detailed Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice in Nov 1996.
The second one was the reading of the "program" of Boylan's workshop.  The authorities of the educational institution saw such program as a shameless fraud which included the utilization of children for profit.
Both documents, the revocation of Boylan's license by the California Board of Psychology, and the program of the workshop are of public knowledge and can be found in seconds with Google or any other search

Saturday, April 16, 2011

NO to Boylan's workshop in Girard College.

As we wrote before, the authorities of the traditional Girard College learned a few things about the Councilor of Earth's past, and of course they read the program of the big hoax.
The negative has nothing to do with rental prices but with the personality of the self appointed Councilor of Earth, and the dignity of the mentioned Institution.

Sat, April 16, 2011 6:36:12 PM
[UFOFacts] A Star Kids/Star Seeds Advanced Workshop will not take place at
Girard College



Due to unforeseen circumstances affecting our rental agreement with Girard College, we are no longer going to be holding a Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop at Girard College as announced previously.
Thank you for your understanding.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA

More about Richard Boylan

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A Mother talks about Richard Boylan.


So, I Googled for "Psychic Children" and "Star Children" and was drawn to a site called The Dolphin Children: Angels of Earth

... There were James Twyman's 'Psychic Children', Kryon's 'Indigo Children' and Dr. Richard Boylan's 'Star Kids'.

Hold on! Now I know why I was checking out the exploitation angle. Richard Boylan, who, according to Pamela Reynolds, author of The Dolphin Children Website - which, by the way, has actual photos of a very young girl named Amelia who, apparently, is a dolphin child - also has a link to the mother's website, so, talk about exploitation.....

Dr. Boylan was recently added to the 20th Edition of the principle biographical reference of Who's Who In The World, which mentions his pioneering work in the field of UFOs and Star visitors:

"As researcher, behavioral scientist, anthropologist, author, and emeritus University Associate Professor, Dr. Boylan paves the way in providing a nurturing and exceptional educational environment for these extraordinarily gifted children.

Aside from his impressive credentials, he is a long-time friend and one of the most courageous, responsible and dedicated people I have ever known. He sets the example that - in spite of the horrific challenges he has endured for persisting in this controversial field - perseverance, dedication, and conviction has paid off. He is now invited to important conferences all over the world as a public speaker along with guest appearances on numerous radio programs....."

Great, except for one thing, Richard Boylan was stripped of all licenses to practice as a therapist because he was found guilty of gross negligence and misconduct with patients and deemed a danger to other patients. Part of his 'therapy' involved taking nude hot tubs with female patients who had had abductee experiences. Other findings of the California State Law Court were: imposing his views of space aliens into the dreams and memories of two patients and bartering nude massages in return for psychological therapy.

So, the State of California revoked his therapist's license, marriage family and child counseling license and clinical social worker license. His practice was shut down. That was back in 1995. So, why is he working with children, today, I ask, especially after being cited as encouraging young children to trust pedophiles?

I checked out Richard Boylan's official website. His 'credentials' are:

"Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., MSW, M.S. Ed. Adm., B.A.Researcher, Behavioral Scientist, Exo-Anthropologist, emeritus University Associate Professor of Psychology, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist."

His site is:

"A Web Site for Presentation of Factual Research Information on UFOs and Star Visitor Contact, the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET), and about Dr. Richard Boylan, noted researcher of the Star Visitor and Star Children phenomena, and Director of the Star Kids Project(c)."

He holds workshops called 'Helping Children Explore their ET Encounters' and are designed for those:

"...special children, and their parents, who have been touched by a heritage from the Stars. He is the Vice-President of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) in America."

The five categories of membership to his 'academy', all very clinical and respectable and is a federally recognized non-profit educational organization.

How did that happen?

Why is he being allowed to work with kids?

He's tried to admonish himself by saying things like "The traumatized experiencers I counselled were... (frankly) homely, grossly obese, lesbian, poor or welfare- dependent substance-abusers." But, they seemed good enough for him to exploit.

Do I believe in the existence of Star Children? Yes, I do.

Do I believe Richard Boylan should be working with these children and their parents? No, I don't.

Do I think having photos of children and details of their experiences on web sites like Pamela Reynold's The Dolphin Children... Angels of Earth is in the best interest of these Star or Dolphin or Indigo children? No, I don't.

Do I find it disturbing that people are exposing their kids to all kinds of questionable encounters with people of questionable credentials. Yes, I do.

"Why?", you may ask.

Because I was once one of those parents.

When people are first awakening to their spirituality or psychic abilities or find out that they are contactees, or whatever, there is a tendency to do some pretty strange things. Mostly it's because we're like sponges and just want to absorb everything out there, in order to better understand what is happening to us or to our loved ones.

In my case, I did many things. One was a real zinger and it rhymes with Springer. I won't go into details, because I don't want to put my kids through anymore. All I can say is that through the grace of God, the show did not go on, even though we'd made it all the way to Chicago,

So, parents, be wary. Be discerning. Teach your children well. They'll do what they came here to do, without any extra help from the Boylans of the world.....

And that's the view from here..."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UFO, UAP and Truth-Tomas Scolarici

The real problem here is not if Unidentified Aerial Phenomena exist. Of course UAP (UFO) exist.
The authentic dilemma is what these UAP are.
Now if you want to know the truth, you must do research. On the contrary, if you want to sell books of promote yourself; then you must go into some kind of new religion, because religion doesn’t work with evidences, but with Faith.
If you are into this, you only need a charismatic individual who will teach you what was revealed to him/her by gods, angels, ghosts or extraterrestrials.
Consequently, all those who ask for evidences are ipso facto condemned because they don’t have Faith.
It’s simple like that.
If you believe that UFO are extraterrestrial crafts, and you recognize that this is hypothetic, that is fine. You will work with your hypothesis and try to find evidences.
Personally, after 40 years of research, I think that the entities responsible for the unidentified phenomenon are not extraterrestrials. I think also that we have historical evidences that the UFO phenomenon is with us from the beginning of times. (See UFO in art and historical narrative.)
Now, I don’t know who these entities are, but they behave as Time Travelers. Perhaps they just come from our distant future. Apparently any direct contact would be impossible if they do not want to disrupt the time continuum. (Think in the paradox of not killing your grandparents if you want to exist.)
Possible I am wrong. Mine is nothing but a hypothesis, and if I begin to talk about the messages of the time travelers, this means that I am insane. There are not such messages.
Perhaps the Entities are not time travelers, but something else, something that I cannot understand at all; something so complex that nobody can understand.
What I cannot do is to talk about what I ignore. Those who do this are either charlatans or crazy.
Tomas Scolarici

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Councilor names.

After his experiences with the "hot tub therapy", Doctor Richard Boylan, the self proclaimed councilor of earth was known as Doctor Hot Tube.
But now, in the Ufological World, Richard Boylan is known as Sickmind Fraud.

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Dr.Richard Boylan is always WRONG.

Dr. Richard Boylan. Given in November 2010.
Formal Official Public Acknowledgment Announcement

Dec. 31, 2010, 11:59 pm, EST, [05:00 hrs., Jan. 1, 2011, Greenwich Mean Time/UTC/Zulu], is the official Deadline for the U.S. Government to make a formal Official Public Acknowledgment that Star Visitor Contact and Communication has occurred.
Preparation for this public information announcement was the subject of an official Executive Order (classified) signed by President Barack Obama, directing the National Security Council's Special Studies Group to prepare a plan for such a series of Official Government Public Acknowledgments of Star Visitor Contacts and Communications with U.S. Government representatives.
The U.S. Government is preparing to do this pursuant to a formal Agreement made with Star Nations: that the U.S. would stop its policy of UFO Cover-Up this year.
Of course such a public announcement could occur any time prior to December 31st too.
Star Nations, and its representative, the Councillor of Earth (Dr. Richard Boylan), have advised the Government that if they renege on complying with that Agreement, that Star Nations will initiate a series of open, public, dramatically-obvious demonstrations-of-presence such that the Government will then be compelled to publicly acknowledge Star V

iStar Nations representative and Councillor of Earth (Dr. Richard Boylan)