Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alfred Webre's: "reptilian bases" and "Andromeda Council"

Alfred Webre, the "Andromeda Council", the "reptilian bases", and his mental illness described by his own wife Geri.

"I see this book as a journey and as a work of courage. Alfred Webre is my husband and soul mate. Through the time we've spent together I've watched him wage a battle, sometimes fierce and unsettling, with the mental illness that has plagued and enriched his life. At the depths of one of his depressions I suggested that he update one of his books, "The Age of Cataclysm" and perhaps write a book on his personal journey through manic-depression. My thinking at the time was he needs something to focus on and give him some purpose. That was in July shortly after "God" died and left Alfred both, devastated and exhilarated. He and I had been working together to come to grips with his attraction to cults and to move into a state of recovery. This was a task I felt well prepared for as I had done a great deal of "exit therapy" over the years with a variety of cult members."

It's easy to understand, after reading what Alfred's wife writes, that he needs badly to fight, with the professional help of his wife Geri, against his pathological " attraction to cults and move into a state of recovery".

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UPDATED ARTICLE: Andromeda Council: East China Sea 6.9 quake - undersea reptilian base destroyed