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Fwd: Message from Star Nations.

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From: alintel <>
Date: Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 3:58 PM
Subject: Fwd: Message from Star Nations.

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Date: Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 3:45 PM
Subject: Message from Star Nations.

Richard Boylan is not our "Councilor of Earth" and doesn't represent us in any way.
This individual, convicted  and confessed abuser of his own female patients, was convicted and lost his therapeutic licenses.
Since this individual insists in talking as our representative, we will reiterate previous communications.
Nobody is authorized to speak in our name, and it's against our politics to disguise ourselves as humans.
Those who present themselves as "incarnated aliens" are lying.
You must know that we will never participate in any kind of shows or workshops.
Remember that we are against genetic manipulation of other races.
We believe that any civilization is responsible for his actions, even if these actions are destructive or self-destructive.
We don't like shows.  In fact, we are not interested in any recognition by your Authorities or your people.
Now, this is important: those who profit talking in our name write about the imminence of a show with participation of our Star Crafts.
Swindlers and profiteers strongly depend on some massive and evident exhibition, but this will never happen.
Once again, if we think that a contact is necessary or desirable, this contact will be always a personal, individual experience without any psychological or social consequence.

(You can share this message at will. Thanks.)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 2:44 AM
Subject: Aliens Have Landed.

Several sources confirmed that Aliens have landed already in several countries of South America, Africa and perhaps Eastern Europe on January and the visitors are in contact with the authorities of those chosen countries.
The cosmic visitors decided that their presence must remain provisionally undisclosed.
It seems that the concession of some territories for ET colonies is a fact, and only remains in debate the extension and geographical situation of future ET settlements.
Of course it is possible to think that the alien’s agenda includes negotiations with isolated countries and not with Humanity as a whole.
If this is so, the future development of this situation is full of twists and turns, and perhaps is totally unpredictable.

Mutual Deception in UFO subculture.

The phenomenon of Mutual Deception in UFO Subculture.

Some of those who follow the “revelations” of charlatans and cosmic gurus, send me messages justifying their irrational adherence to the charlatans’ nonsense.

These emails let me know that the true-believers recognize that those ET messages are more or less elaborated fiction, but they enjoy those fairy-tales without believing in them.

In a few cases the justification was just pity..! “True-believers” let me know that the questioned contactee is an old man or woman, and that even if what he or she says is obviously fiction, they let the fantasists believe that they believe in all that nonsense.

This suggests a curious situation of a dialogue between gurus and followers, based in mutual deception.

The relationship between self proclaimed contactees and some members of their groups consists in a mutual lack of confidence that of course remains undisclosed.

The Guru believes that his followers are stupid enough to believe in him/her, but truth is that the followers let the “Guide” believe that they believe in him.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fwd: Dr. Richard Boylan, is now in the ASHTAR COMMAND SPIRITUAL FORUM.

Now the Councilor of Earth is trying his hand with a new "spiritual community". Is the ASHTAR COMMAND Spiritual Forum - Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network.
Now we will see if these new agers accept the "title" of Councilor of Earth given by Boylan to...himself.

Also, we will see what this Ashtar Commands thinks about what follows:

Former California psychologist who had his state psychology license revoked over allegations of improper sexual interaction with female patients in his hot tub (hydro 'therapy'?). Claims to have been the confidant of the late 'government MJ-12 insider' Michael Wolf (another proven fraud). Boylan now conveniently claims to have been gifted with a brand new and, no surprise, anonymous 'inside source.' Also rode the American Indian 'Star People' mythos for several years and claims to know of secret government/UFO testing spots in Nevada desert. Has engaged in countless character assassinations against UFO researchers who disagree with him. Is now planning to hold a summer camp for "star kids" - children who are alleged to have been genetically-altered by aliens (aka: money-in-my-pocket). Parents everywhere should beware... SEE: Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice

The following was transcribed verbatim from:
skpsychicexrcses.html Psychic Exercises Dr. Richard Boylan invites y…
Started by Jazmin ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012


The whole so called UFO system is a multiple chaotic oscillations control. The more effective oscillators are coupled, and then, as a consequence of this organization, one chaotic oscillator drives others into the chaotic oscillation negative system. The chain progressive effect causes the exponential divergence of the trajectories of two or more identical chaotic systems with nearly the same initial conditions.

Now we can see that dynamical variables (x1,x2,,...,xn) and (y1,y2,,...,ym) determine the state of the oscillators, when there is a functional, Φ, because, after a transitory evolution from appropriate initial conditions, we have the following variable:[y1(t), y2(t),...,ym(t)]=Φ[x1(t), x2(t),...,xn(t)].

Chaotic systems allow some efficient control of chaos, and that is necessary, if we want to enjoy a long term predictability of complex and super-complex organizations like the Solar System of even the Galactic system.

This means that once the synchronized state has been reached, the effect of a minor perturbation threatening synchronization is damped, and a system can be recovered. This is called asymptotic stability.

What's wrong with Alfred Webre?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Richard Boylan's new paranoid fantasies.

In Dr. Richard Boylan’s yahoo group UFOfacts, there is only one poster: Boylan himself; and there is only one reader: Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth.

If we take some time and read the rants of this “dr” who lost his licenses for abuses against female patients, (Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice.) we learn something more.

This is an individual fighting against his personal ghosts, a man who destroyed his own career and credibility for his own wrongdoing.

Of course, no more fantasies about Star Nations, Altimarians or Psychic Exercises. The following post of the self proclaimed “Earth Councilor “is one more of his little exercise in paranoid hallucinations.


I heard from my old friend Sweeps Fox, retired Army Signals Intelligence officer.

He commented on, and confirmed, what I said about George Noory being squeezed by the Cabal. See below.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

From: Sweeps roi-den Fox []
Friday, March 09, 2012 3:01 PM
Re: [DrRichBoylanReports] the Cabal teach one of their assets a lesson/Reply/'Sweeps'

Well...interesting that you 'caught' this Doc.,

...I CAN confirm your 'take' from what you refer to as your 'energy scan'.

I knew Art Bell fairly well personally...had the same 'complaints', but as the co-founder( with Alan Corberth ) andoriginal host of the Show, mostly kept his mouth shut on this 'Agency'-funded Show. [Note: "Agency" = CIA.] All the initial funding and the 'remit' of the [C2C-AM] 'SHOW' was dreamed up by them. [CIA]

There's a lot more of course. Best to you/'S'

P.S. I answered Sweeps back, "Thanks for clarifying that Art Bell's show was founded and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. Unfortunately it was a Cabal-controlled instrumentality within the CIA. The purpose was to gain control of the flow of UFO information by having top-notch specialists on but then also liberally peppering the show with disinformers, flakes, and loons. Thus carefully maintaining ufology's reputation as whacky "science". [Naturally, Sweeps is fully aware of what I talked about.] - RB “

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The evidence of Richard Boylan's antisemitism.

The evidence of Richard Boylan's antisemitism.

Open letter about Karma and Richard Boylan.

Dear friends

We are responsible for all that happens to us. As we sow, so shall we reap. This is the Universal Law that applies to individuals, to whole communities, societies, nations and races. As we sow, so shall we reap.
What brings the karmic result from the patterns of our actions is not our action alone. As we intend and then act, we create karma: so another key to understanding the creation of karma is becoming aware of intention. The heart is our garden, and along with each action there is an intention that is planted like a seed. The result of the patterns of our karma is the fruit of these seeds.
No matter what you say, you cannot make others responsible for your karma. In other words “nobody can get away with IT.”
It’s not “Satan”. It’s you.
It’s not the “Cabal”. It’s you.
Neither “Satan” nor the “Cabal” will pay your bill, and you know it.
You know because you are paying your debt every day.

(Please, feel free to share this letter.Thanks)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NEW VICTIM OF DR.RICHARD (HOT TUBE) Boylan. AKA Councilor of Earth

NEW VICTIM OF DR.RICHARD (HOT TUBE) Boylan. AKA Councilor of Earth

Mustang Hearts has left a new comment on your post "DR. Richard (Hot Tube) Boylan and his Scapegoat.": 

I've had a passing but negligible interest in UFO-ology and science fiction and while surfing the other day happened on Boylan's "UFOFacts" website which seemed pretty far-fetched. Out of sheer curiosity I requested an invite to join the UFOFacts yahoo group. OMG, the terms of membership were my first red flag, they reeked of control issues as well as paranoia and secrecy (I always am careful when anyone overuses the word "cloaked"); then my invite was rejected with the following email - I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, and of course had to forward it to all my friends who are laughing as hard as I did! Here it is verbatim RFLMAO:

Cabal she-male "Debbie",

I do not communicate with, nor provide information to, persons whose
energy signature indicates that they are operating on the dark side. As your
energy signature indicates is the case with you.
I have now placed you on my Blocked Senders list, so any further
attempts to email me will be wasted effort.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. 

Your blog is wonderful, keep up the great work :) 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dolphins are Extraterrestrial Ambassadors suggests Alfred Webre.s.

Ethical Extraterrestrials: Doctor says Dolphins helped heal her cancer
Canadian National Newspaper
Alfred Lambremont Webre and other researchers suggest that Dolphins are
Ethical Extraterrestrials who are on Earth to act as an "ambassador"
with higher ...