Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Richard Boylan and the alien-like bordello.

Bravo, Councilor of Earth. In the SAME SITE that shows the alien monument, we can learn that a brothel with alien-looking prostitutes was created in Las Vegas. This is SENT TO KIDS ..!

Alien Sex, ET Cathouse Opens, Brothel Has Girls From Another World, Las Vegas

Alien Cathouse brothel to feature 'girls from another world'

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to distant planets, meeting exotic alien women and having sex with them?

If so, you -- and possibly Captain Kirk -- are the target audience for brothel owner Dennis Hof's newest Southern Nevada business venture.

The reality television star and outspoken sex merchant recently bought a rundown bordello 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas and unveiled plans to renovate and reopen it with a science fiction theme.



Follow link please and see by yourselves:





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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 4:21 PM

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    Thanks. It is encouraging that there are folks out there with the consciousness to put themselves in the shoes of the visiting Star Persons, and to feel compassion for those who have lost their lives while trying to establish peaceful contact with Humans.

    Hats off to Nikolay Subbotin, the head of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) in Molebka, near Perm in Russia's Ural Mountains. The monument's dignified almost-6-foot-tall statue (supposedly of a Tall Zeta, I'd think) shows the compassion of the Russians commemorating their brothers from the stars.

    May Star Nations take encouragement from this display of solidarity from ordinary citizens who have not been bewitched by Cabal anti-Star Visitor propaganda.


     in the light,


     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC


From: [mailto:UFOFacts@yahoogroups.comOn Behalf Of James Nelson
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2011 5:25 PM
Subject: [UFOFacts] Monument to Aliens.

Dr. Boylan,


I found this while surfing the web. It's a very short news video of a monument erected in a small russian town to honor the fallen 'aliens' that have tried to establish contact.

Thought you might like to look at it.








Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fwd: A message from General Twilight

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From: <>
Date: Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 8:56 PM
Subject: A message from General Twilight

Dear Friends
My heart feels heavy and my mind is full of doubts about this exchange of information.
However, perhaps truth will come and bring to us not liberation but fear and madness.
Occasionally ignorance and not truth is our true friend, and in fact, "there are "things" in this Universe that perhaps should remain forever under the merciful veil of ignorance. "
My friend the astronomer Dr. Jeremy D. used to tell me " blessed are those who don't  know, because they will be able to enjoy their simple life."
But let me give you a hint about what this is about.
Many of you write and talk about what is called the Cover-Up, demanding a full and prompt Disclosure.
Undeniably people asking for knowledge have all the right to know, but please, let me ask you something from my own perspective:
What would you do if you have the possibility of revealing a mystery, and at the same time you know that such revelation would make the whole world insane?
What would you do if you also recognize that there are things whose knowledge no man or woman could endure without falling into the horrors of madness?
Something more: this message must be read as a hint, as nothing but a suggestion.
Perhaps there will be other messages.
Friendly yours
General Twilight.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fwd: The Dark World of Richard Boylan.

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From: <>
Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 12:14 AM
Subject: The Dark World of Richard Boylan.

The self proclaimed Councilor of Earth and dark fantasist Richard Boylan, have his audience: a couple of mature ladies from Venezuela and Spain who, by the way, were both insulted by this man with such a sinister  background: )
The rhetoric of this ex priest and ex PHD is based in the existence of an omnipotent Cabal who not only destroyed all the starships of the "good aliens", but manipulates his own mind.
Because of these cabalistic manipulations, the Councilor of Earth is always wrong: he predicts events that never happen and he insults his own followers.
For Richard Boylan, Nazi Germany was a kindergarten compared with the United States where, In super secret bases and laboratories, the Extraterrestrial fellows (who are angelic and kind, ) endure all kinds of horrors in the hands of evil scientists and military personal.
The self proclaimed Councilor of Earth describes these abuses and tortures to members of  Boylan's  other group for kids only…! called Star Kids Hangout.
Of course we can understand why Councilor of Earth Richard Boylan's audience composed by two ladies living in Venezuela and Spain.

Fwd: Fw: For Maria Edith Moreno and Grace Redfield

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Jessica Preston <>
To: "" <>; gracieredfield <>
Sent: Sunday, December 18, 2011 3:19 PM
Subject: For Maria Edith Moreno and Grace Redfield

Former California psychologist who had his state psychology license revoked over allegations of improper sexual interaction with female patients in his hot tub (hydro 'therapy'?). Claims to have been the confidant of the late 'government MJ-12 insider' Michael Wolf (another proven fraud). Boylan now conveniently claims to have been gifted with a brand new and, no surprise, anonymous 'inside source.' Also rode the American Indian 'Star People' mythos for several years and claims to know of secret government/UFO testing spots in Nevada desert. Has engaged in countless character assassinations against UFO researchers who disagree with him. Parents everywhere should beware... SEE: Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice.
Dr.? Richard Boylan - Convicted Felon and Female Molester.
Richard Boylan was stripped of all licenses to practice as a therapist because he was found guilty of gross negligence and misconduct with patients and deemed a danger to other patients. Part of his 'therapy' involved taking nude hot tubs with female patients who had had abductee experiences. Other findings of the California State Law Court were: imposing his views of space aliens into the dreams and memories of two patients and bartering nude massages in return for psychological therapy.

So, the State of California revoked his therapist's license, marriage family and child counseling license and clinical social worker license. His practice was shut down. That was back in 1995. So, why is he working with children, today, I ask, especially after being cited as encouraging young children to trust pedophiles?
Psych Watch
Documenting Psychiatrists Behaving Badly
Tuesday, April 01, 2008
This is not an April Fools post, although it should be.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a former California psychologist who had his state psychology license revoked back in 1995 over allegations of improper sexual interaction with female patients in his hot tub (hydro 'therapy'?). He still uses the title doctor, even though he is not legally licensed for mental therapy anymore.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: James Black <>
Date: Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 3:18 PM

California Board of Psychology revoking Richard Boylan's license
Full And Detailed Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice in Nov 1996 is included below. 
UFOlogist John Velez: Boylan is Raving Paranoid Lunatic From: (John Velez)
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 14:36:37 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 17:50:44 -0500

"Dr" Boylan is a raving paranoid lunatic who has taken sexual advantage of his female clients that resulted in litigation which he LOST!
Now tell me why you picked him to contact? I have rarely met any individual as acutely dysfunctional as Richard Boylan. If he invites you over for a therapeutic hot tub session, watch yer yarbles. a fellow experiencer I must caution you in the strongest way about associating with Boylan. He's a paranoiac, clearly delusional, and worse of all, a degenerate predator that thinks nothing of using his position/credentials to take sexual advantage of women that come to him seeking help. Don't just take my word for it, ask around...
Buyer beware!
John Velez
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.alien.research
Subject: Re: FWD: Boylan defends Dr. Wolf from Friedman
Clarke Hathaway []
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 22:26:15 -0700

IMHO Stan Friedman is far more scientifically qualified than the "Hot Tub Abuser" Richard J. Boylan. Boylan has an agenda. I know because I know him well.
Of course Boylan will state to you that anything that I say will be a lie and propaganda from the agency for UFO coverup or some other sillified nonsense.
The facts are these. I was a member of Boylan's so-called CE-IV group for quite a few months. What this group represented was little more than a cult activity with "Father" Boylan (an ex-Catholic [defrocked] priest) as the head guru/father figure.
Boylan would have one and all believe that abductions are benevolent and perpetrated by beings from the stars who have the welfare of mankind first and foremost in mind. According to him these are wise and powerful spiritual beings bent upon the upliftment of their lesser human brothers. Of course, he (Boylan) is their chosen representative to this planet.
My genuine experience (abduction) that was partially illuminated by the inept hynotherapeutic services of Boylan, started me out on a quest for the truth of what is really going on given this phenomena. My research when seen from the perspective of my years of metaphysical studies, have led me to the conclusion that rather than being a Third Dimensional Reality Based phenomena, it is one that would be more properly termed as belonging to the paranormal. The view even includes an explanation for so-called implants that appear upon xrays as well as the various bodily contusions and marks that many 'abductees' are left with. I myself have several of these.
Finally I would like to state that I have been successful (along with my wife) in bringing to a screeching halt ... a long period (just over a year) of weekly and often near nightly nocturnal visitations. Something or someone did not want us to leave the Sacramento, California area during 1995/1996. Due to our efforts this phenomena ceased shortly before leaving for New Mexico in April of 1996.
Anyone who has eyes to read these lines should keep clear of Richard Boylan Ph.D. The man is NOT a practicing psychologist as he lost his licenses to practice psychology as well as his license to practice social work. This was due to his questionable ethics regarding three women whom he bartered with for physical favors in lieu of payment. One of these women was a violent rape victim.
Boylan sat in the living room of my then residence and admitted to myself and a colleague that he had made a "slight error in judgement" in regards to the allegations brought up by these three women in a court of law in Sacramento County. Boylan settled out of court, but the State board of Psychology stepped into the case.
Boylan claims that this was all a plot by the UFO Coverup agency of the US government to shut him up. Nothing could be further from the truth based upon what I observed. I was in the court room along with one Ed Stewart (known UFO researcher and Archivist) during his appeal of the State Board's decision to lift his licenses. During the proceedings he attempted to use his self inflated UFO/Alien related knowledge and a supposed subsequent attempt at stiffling him by the Government as a defense. Also used by his attorney was a statement that his unethical behavior was the result of having been a part of the "Berkley" (California) generation where such things (Nude Hot Tubbing etc., etc.) were commonplace and widely accepted.
Finally, I want to state that Boylan only serves as a distraction from real research being conducted in an effort to shed some substanstive light on what the Abduction phenomena represents. This of course would include the entire UFO phenomena since an overwhelming amount of my colleagues insist on tying the two together.
Kindest Regards...
Clarke Hathaway

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Alfred Webre's "Doomsday Extraterrestrial Cube"

According to Alfred Lambremont Webre, elites through their time travel capabilities have already established that 2012 is part of a catastrophic timeline, that they have sought to prepare for the “Doomsday Cube”, as the rest of humanity get unknowingness closer toward demonic “cover story” scenarios like World War III.

First we see that it is similar to a giant mothership and that it will descend from space (Rev. 21:2) The dimensions of this ship are 1,500 miles wide by 1,500 miles long and 1,500 miles high. It's a giant cube (Rev. 21:16). The writers of Star Trek the Next Generation were being prophetic in their visions of the Borg ship when they portrayed it as a giant cube. The inspiration of the Lightbringer; Lucifer, is manifest in their attempts to show humanity the connection between the amorality of collectivism and the New Jerusalem. but no one seems to be listening…until now.



The following methods are effective in most of the cases if the agent follows the rules included below.
Disguised Contradiction: Two or more statements are combined in the following way: The “cabal” is described as absolutely evil, but also as infinitely powerful.

This narrative is combined with a complementary disguised contradiction:

The “Extraterrestrials” are described as good and ready to help humans but, at the same time, these aliens are shown defeated again and again by our attacks and by their own mechanical failures.

So the whole sequence of events shows that the evil “cabal” always wins. On the contrary, the powerful good aliens are in fact weak and fragile. Sample: An old Japanese Second World War plane will be able to destroy the alien craft.
Besides, these “alien” crafts are obviously accident prone. The psyop discourse always will make reference to multiple alien ships crashes.

The listener will find impossible to solve these contradictions in a rational way.
However, if the believer talks or writes about her/his doubts, the psyop acting as pro-ET, will act against the “heretic” banning him from his group or sect.

This ruthlessness can then be justifies with the scapegoat maneuver (cabal deluded me.) This is
important because it shows that even the psyop acting as “guru” can be manipulated by the “cabal” but not protected by the “good ET.”
This technique reinforces all the contradictions exposed above.

Friday, December 9, 2011

UFO=ET hypothesis as Galaxy of Memes

Tomas Scolarici

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alfred Webre fired from The Examiner.

The Examiner fires Alfred Webre

Notice from Examiner.Com - Dec. 6, 2011

Dear Alfred Lambremont Webre,

Here is some information regarding your recent support request.


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The content audit took longer than expected. After reviewing a segment of your articles, it has been determined that much of your content violates our Terms of Use, specifically the following passage:

6. Prohibited Content and Activities

You agree that you will not post to the Site, or use the Site to transmit or make available any Content that: you know or have reason to know is false, misleading, or fraudulent.

While there is certainly an audience for your topic of expertise, it is not the type of content we want associated with

Therefore we have decided to retire your account and remove your content from our site. You will be paid out the balance of your earnings in the January payment cycle (on or around Jan. 20th).

Good luck in your future endeavors.


Matt Sandy
Pacific Experience Director

Richard Boylan's true personality.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gerard Deauville <>
Date: Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Richard Boylan's True Story

Dear friends
Follow links and learn who is the self proclaimed "Councilor of Earth"

Richard Boylan working for the Cabal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fwd: Richard Boylan's True Story

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gerard Deauville <>
Date: Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Richard Boylan's True Story

Dear friends
Follow links and learn who is the self proclaimed "Councilor of Earth"

Sunday, December 4, 2011


The theme of the Archons should be considered always with great care and necessary limitations.

It is true that Archons can sometimes penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere and execute some activities, but those activities do not necessary terrorize humans.

It is wrong to say that the Archons are inorganic, and better would be to define them as super organics.

Ontology of the Archons:

They exist as an alien species independent of humankind working as programs operating human mental environment.

These archonic operations in human minds are necessary and more important than occasional physical breaching in Earth atmosphere.

Archons are not interested in programming through telepathy and suggestion the evolution of humanity. In fact the work of Archons is secret and cannot be understood by humans in the present level of evolution.

Sometimes Archons find necessary to substitute some human mind-set by their own, for strategic reasons that, again, must be kept unknown.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alfred Webre's new show.

These are Alfred Webre's bizarre claims and fantasies.

Time travel is less than 34 years away, the CIA knew when he was about 20 years old that Barack Obama would be president of the US and there are secret bases on Mars.

These were some of the bizarre claims made by speakers at the weekend's UFO Science and Consciousness conference in Johannesburg.


Webre claimed that time travel was being used by the CIA to "hide military secrets in certain time loops" and for covert operations.

"US presidents are pre-identified by the CIA by time travel. They're identified 20 or 30 years in advance and pre-trained to use time travel".

Obama and George Bush Jr were told in their early 20s that they were destined to become presidents of the US and were prepared for the job in secret programs, he said.

Read more

Saturday, November 26, 2011



This is a document for public distribution.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Richard Boylan, Dark Propaganda and the Cabal.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 10:47 PM
Subject: Richard Boylan and the Cabal.

The application of some rational thought will show us the obvious.
Nobody in the Internet writes more about the “cabal” than Richard Boylan, right?
Of course, and the man who lost his therapist license in 1995, writes always about the amazing power of the cabal. In fact, this organization rules the world according to Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth.
The cabal can stop earthquakes, destroy alien ships, make people look good or bad, control governments, institutions and is in possession of weapons of immense power.
The cabal has bases in Mars, space aircraft and unlimited monetary resources.
In his own words, Richard Boylan defines the Cabal for us:

“The Cabal refers to a claque of global-scale plutocratic manipulators who use their immense wealth, prestige and power to control governments and economies to perpetuate their stranglehold on global society. “
“The Cabal is a kind of "parallel government" to the official elected and appointed governments of the more developed countries.”

But this Cabal, is something new? No, writes Boylan, on the contrary:

"The Cabal has been around for many millennia in its various incarnations as dark-side shamanic practitioners, priestcraft organizations, and secret societies, whose inner initiates use dark psychic arts for power, such as psychic projection, conjured hallucinations, and dream-insertions, etc. to intimidate and influence targeted individuals. The human-like reptoid imagery they use sometimes has been a favorite over the millennia, as these dark-arts "magicians" shrewdly capitalize on a widespread natural abhorrence of reptiles.

But wait a minute: IF the cabal through dark arts conjures hallucinations, dream insertions and other dark arts, we must assume that this cabal can destroy anyone or at least produce insanity at will. The Councilor tells us that:

"The Cabal's operatives also terrorize some UFO researchers who get too close, and even assassinate a few (made to look like “accidents” or “suicides”). They have hijacked some psychotronic devices and weaponized them for unauthorized use on their enemies or on innocent civilian guinea-pig test subjects. In general, most of the horrific stuff done under the UFO Cover-Up comes from The Cabal's unauthorized version of the UFO Cover-Up, often using their plants within military and intelligence organizations to further camouflage who it is who is actually at work.
The path is cleared for the Cabal dark wizards to be the only ones left to operate as they please. “

If you want more evidence about Cabal power, remember that cabalists stop earthquakes predicted by Boylan, and made him see al evils those who were his loyal followers.
Also the Cabal was behind the bad behavior of the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth.

Now, our theory is this one:

Dr. Richard Boylan is the best propagandist of the Cabal. His constant references to the power, the methods and the strength of the Cabal are indirect propaganda or Dark Propaganda as called by experts.


IF Richard Boylan is systematically deluded and defeated by the Cabal, THEN we should distance ourselves of this man.

IF Richard Boylan works for the Cabal on intimidation tactics, THEN , we should distance ourselves of this man.

IF the cabal doesn’t exist, and the Councilor of Earth is just a charlatan, THEN, we should distance ourselves of this man.


Friends or Reason and Truth.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fwd: Richard Boylan's advice: Suicide..!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jessica Preston <>
Date: Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 2:52 AM
Subject: Richard Boylan's advice: Suicide..!

Do you call this Light? This man lives in darkness, full of hate and violence. This message is sent to kids..!

    You may have seen on TV news the latest police-violence escalation against the Occupy Wall Street movement, as Star Seeds and Humans of good will spread the protests from ManhattanNY to many cities across the U.S.
    One of those cities is Davis, California, and specifically the University of California at Davis, where I got my Ph.D.
    On Friday (Nov. 18), campus police deliberately and repeatedly pepper-sprayed peaceful students sitting quietly on the ground as their protest action within the Occupy Wall Street movement.
    This completely-uncalled for  and outrageous action has inflamed reactions around the world.
    Today a Noon Rally was held by students, faculty, and alumni as part of the OWS movement and specifically to protest campus police brutality Friday to peacefully-sitting demonstrators.
    I went, as a UCD alumnus, as a concerned citizen, and as Councillor of Earth showing my solidarity and that of Star Nations with the sea of 4000 Star Seed students doing their part to reform corrupt Fourth World society and transform it into reformed Fifth World society.
    The peacefulness of the students was breath-taking. My having been a veteran of the boisterous War Protest rallies at UC Berkeley in the Sixties, the contrast with the strong, quiet determined focus of these 21st Century Star Kids and Star Seeds was striking. (See attached photos.)
    UCD Chancellor Linda Katehi had ordered the police to clear the demonstrators from the campus Quad. The campus police, cinched up in riot gear and displaying the troubling SWAT team mentality that too many police forces bring to peaceful protests, marched in and pepper-sprayed sitting students without warning. 
    There were calls for the Chancellor of UC Davis to resign. She spoke briefly at the rally but lacked  the integrity to resign.
    In historic Japan, the Bushido Code of Conduct was understood to mean that if the individual failed uphold his/her honor, she could only regain it by performing seppuku (ritual suicide). Chancellor Katehi failed to "fall on her sword" and announce her resignation. So her dishonor follows her wherever she goes.
    It did my heart good to see the four thousand peaceful demonstrators quietly displaying their message, and their resolve, without any hint of violence.
    Not a campus policeman in sight. Nor was any needed. In budding Fifth World, and it opened up on display midday today in the UC Davis Quadrangle, the Star Seeds and Star Kids people are pretty much self-policing.
    We indeed live in interesting times. May they unfold further.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Stephen Bassett says he doesn't care about credibility.

Let's go back in time. On February 3, 2011, Michael Horn wrote what follows.



Excitement Running High as "Exopolitics" Group Claims Stunning UFO Proof

by Michael Horn


Group spokesman, Stephen Bassett, expected to release undeniable evidence of "the worldwide extraterrestrial presence", "millions of UFO contactees on the planet" and "alien-human hybrid babies" in coming appearance in Los Angeles.

Playa Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) February 1, 2011

It's reported that Stephen Bassett, the spokesman for the Exopolitics UFO group, will present "undeniable evidence" to prove that extraterrestrials are contacting millions of people on Earth, and even abducting and impregnating women with "alien-human hybrid babies" – and that our government knows about it.

The groundbreaking proof will be the highlight of Bassett's second presentation on the topic at the aptly named Flying Saucers Cafe in Santa Monica, Friday, February 4.

What was Mr. Basset doing? What evidences he released? NONE.

Mr. Stephen Basset was reinforcing the ET meme. Nothing  more and nothing else. Eight months later, the same self proclaimed exopolitician was signing a petition of Disclosure, knowing of course, that  the White House would  tell him  that  there are no evidences of extraterrestrial life here or in any other place of the Universe.

What is the meaning of all this nonsense? Let us suggest some hypothesis.

1) Nonsense makes the UFO phenomenon look more and more ridiculous.

2) Conspiracy theories sell books and "donations."

3) The ET mythology can become easily a cult. Charismatic charlatans are happy about this.


But there is more…take a look:

UFO Disclosure 2009 : Stephen Bassett ultimatum to President Mr. Barack Obama better disclose by May 31, 2009


April 22, 2009

In his statement on UFO Disclosure in Fifth X-confrence 2009 this week Stephen Bassett given ultimatum to President Mr. Barack Obama .

He said : "Obama better disclose by May 31 or else another country probably will before then.."

And just yesterday Scientists of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland disclosed that they find the most Earthlike planet yet... The new Alien Earth like planet is 50% bigger in size of our earth and predict planet should be either rocky or covered with oceans.


Yes, anything goes. The show must go on.  But…who is Stephen Basset?


 "Bassett wants so much to bring the issue of ET Disclosure in front of the public that he appears willing to do anything at all to further his cause. At an appearance on The Paracast he was asked by David & Gene why he gave credence to known charlatans. He stated that it didn't matter if the people who took the stage were credible or not. All that mattered was to get the idea before the public. He said,

"The problem is not about our opinions about who is a laughingstock. It's all about the government. Don't worry about the individual aspects of people in the field. I don't care about your background. Credibility is not an issue in the Disclosure process. I just don't care. It's not my concern and I'm not in a position to sort it out. I don't give a damn."

He then became extremely upset and literally blew a fuse. His voice went up an octave and he became totally incoherent. Listen to Bassett split a gut on The Paracast here. It's especially telling from 1hr:15min on to the end. He also appeared on the show on April 6, 2008 and September 9th, 2007."

Read more following this link.





Sunday, November 20, 2011

" The Cabal made me do it..!" says Richard Boylan.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Christie Carter <>
Date: Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 2:45 AM
Subject: " The Cabal made me do it..!" says Richard Boylan.
To: "" <>, "" <>, "\"MarĂ­a Edith Moreno\"" <>, "" <>
Cc: "" <>

Dear people, please remember that the Councilor of Earth is always RIGHT. When he is WRONG, the Cabal fooled him. This is very convenient since he can do and say anything at all and get away with it making the cabal responsible.
It would be a great idea to show those "dark" messages from the Cabal signed by "those three", but after all.  
But, these messages from Richard Boylan, perhaps are new tricks from the cabal? Who can say? 
Because if the cabal can make Maria Edith look as a 51 year old american cabalist, then it's also possible for them to make a dark cabalist look like a noble kind and pure lightworker.

Sample: Richard Boylan writes: " There are Star Visitors who are joining in Occupy Wall Street movement demonstrations in various communities, passing for Human, and demonstrating for reform of Fourth World financial systems."

The movilization of the American people is one of the best things happening in USA since the Peace Movement against the Vietnam War. The question is to know if those Star Visitors joining the Occupy Movement are Cabal provocateurs.

Advice: the next time any of you is accused and insulted by the Councilor, just shield yourself as soon as possible because HE, DR. Richard Boylan is working for the Cabal. He is an instrument of the cabal himself. 

    Maria Edith and Gracie have already rejoined UFOFacts, and I hope Mary Ann will be rejoining soon.
    The amount, depth, and strength of trickery which the Cabal used to provide misleading "energy signatures" was astounding. They even coupled it with sending out fake emails from those three to me with stuff that did not sound like it was coming from a lightworker. And those fake emails were drenched in dark energy, so that I would think that the three had gone over to the dark side.
    But now I know what to look for in the Cabal's new bag of tricks.
    I do hope others have benefitted from my unpleasant experience, and will use the enhanced shielding techniques themselves to stay out of harm's way.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

 My being temporarily fooled was a combination of my overwork dealing with all the sleeper agents, fatigue, and the fact that I am involved in confidential special projects (which I cannot talk about on UFOFacts at this time) so that I do not have a lot of time to deal with the Cabal's games in a thoughtful and slow reflective way.
    I know you were hurt. The Cabal wanted you to be hurt. I did not want for you to be hurt.
    I hope we all learn what Master Yeshua ben Joseph said: that we need to be "as wise as the serpents, and guileless as the doves."
    in the light,
    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Richard Boylan: "cabal is responsible for my insults, wrong predictions and false accusations."

Our comments to Sheri message in bold, italic.



Sheri Gould <>;



Dear Councillor,


When you took Maria Edith off of the UFOFacts subscriber list, I was just totally shocked.  I began questioning my own protection, because Maria Edith, along with Peter, Linda, Fran, June, the Cetacean Nation and the Inner Earth People were (and continue to be) holders of the harmonic resonance for Gaia during the JPE we did in dealing with the HAARP situation.  I just kept shaking my head in disbelief, as Mother Mary/Isis are part of my protection team, and have been since I started meditating sometime around 45 years ago. I just could not believe that I "saw" my vision incorrectly.

 How amazing this is. Sheri saw while the Councilor was blind. But more important are the consequences of this "mistake" of the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth. Let's see:

1) Maria Edith saw the Truth, while the Councilor of Earth didn't.

2) If what Boylan said about the hypothetic cabal manipulation of energy signatures is true, then you can never know when the self proclaimed Councilor is right or wrong.

3) The brutal insults against innocent people are a hard lesson. Any of you can become the new cabalist, she-male, drug-addict and who knows what else..!


 So, that said,  I am SO happy to hear that Maria Edith, along with Gracie and Mary Ann will hopefully come back as subscribers. I also want to thank you, Councillor, for your steadfastness throughout all this, and as you learn new techniques of shielding, so do we also.  :)  Thank you!  BE Love & Light, Sheri

4) In the future, any wrong doing, any insult, any accusation can be justified making the cabal responsible.

5) Same thing can be done with wrong predictions and statements: If they are wrong, is the Cabal responsibility. If they are right is the "Councilor".

6) Question: how many people will believe all this nonsense?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Brother Ricardo Puente forces a remorseful Richard Boylan to implore pardon..!

As we told before, Ricardo es sin duda alguna un perfecto caballero. 

To All,

Thank you Dr. B. for rechecking our auras. I felt the cabals were up to something by trying to take down ufofacts and by targeting some of the members including me. I now ask all of you to be FEARLESS WHEN POSTING and post in ufofacts.  

Peace To All,

Ricardo Puente

Also, Jessica is a perfect lady of course: 

Message body

Fwd: Thanks for Banning me, Dr Richard Boylan.

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From: Jessica Preston <>
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 12:32 AM
Subject: Thanks for Banning me, Dr Richard Boylan.

Many thanks, D.Richard Boylan. Banning me from UFOfacts group you gave me back my energy, my spirituality and peaceful nights and days.
While member of your group, I felt threatened, have nightmares and was depleted of energy. I was always fearing your insults and accusations.
Do not send me personal messages because the True Light protects me from EVIL and negativity.
I have no doubt now that it's true that UFOfacts belongs to vampires.   Agents of darkness disguised as good extraterrestrials and your own sinister, cruel and authoritarian personality.
You, "Councilor of Earth", have nothing to do with precious, blessed LIGHT from the Source.
The Invocation of the Four Archangels WORKS, and how it works..!  
Here it is:

From: <semper.fidelis>
Date: Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 12:14 AM
Subject: Spiritual Protection.

Dear friends
We mentioned already the tactics and strategy of vampires masking themselves as light workers and "good aliens" representatives.
In his hateful last message Mr. Richard Boylan uses dark words indeed.
(Please see below.)
Anyway, against all kind of vampires there is no better protection than the invocation of the Four Archangels.Here we have it, simple and powerful.

Facing the East, with your arms extended pointing North and South, you invoke the Divine Protection in this way:

"Facing me, RAPHAEL….Behind me GABRIEL…in my right hand, MICHAEL…in my left hand AURIEL."
Beloved Archangels, protect me against any EVIL and against negative and daemonic ENTITIES.
In the name of God, our Lord. Amen."

And the COUNCILOR OF EARTH repents..!
Dr. Richard Boylan is always RIGHT. 
Each time he is WRONG, when he announces a Star-Nations show , or when he predicts an Earthquake which fortunately never happens, or when he accuses some good old friends of Light as infiltrated she-males and cabalists, he is in fact NOT WRONG but victimized by the cabal manipulations.

Consequently, please, before believing in what the Doctor Boylan says, wait and see what's going on. 
Most if not all the times, the Cabal  sends Negative Energy and Councilor Richard Boylan makes mistakes and talks nonsense. 

This agnosticism (or even skepticism.) is justified, since the Cabal makes the Councilor always look bad. 
The Star Nations are also responsible directly or indirectly by omission or simply because the Cabal is always stronger. 

"...A thousand pardons for any upset caused by that Cabal deception and my responding to it.

     in the light,

     Richard Boylan, Ph.D."

Also J