Monday, March 3, 2014

Do not PAY for what is FREE.

In one of Richard Dolan’s websites, we read: “Richard Dolan is among the world’s leading researchers and historians of the UFO subject.” Call it arrogance if you will, but truth is that Richard is a show-man, and this is nothing but show, and those who make a living selling UFO fictions as facts, know that the show must go on, even if in Ufology there is never nothing new. When self proclaimed “world leading researchers” understand this, what remains is to write the same book again and again. There researchers are already immersed in the well known mass of contradictions, childish nonsense, insanity, faked sources and perhaps consciousness. In that moment, cognitive dissonance is inevitable. However to keep the show going on and the books in the market, some of them, like Richard Dolan, will frequently contradict themselves. Talking about disclosure, they will say that UFO are non-human solid objects presumably of extraterrestrial origin. The same “leading UFO researcher” in a different occasion will recognize that the UFO phenomenon is infinitely more complex that all we could imagine. The law here is that “UFO are what you want them to be, or not-be.” Anyway, Let me give you an advice. BEFORE BUYING NEW UFO BOOKS, take a look at this site: The Saga of the Flying Objects. You will learn a few things; the most important is this one: WHAT SHOULD YOU PAY FOR WHAT IS FREE IN THE INTERNET? The Saga of the Flying Objects.