Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inform yourself abour disinformation

There is an individual who's called the Whistle-blower of all times.
He revealed what the Agency is doing, was doing, on time-travel.
This man not only is a chrononaut, but visited Mars and in the red planet meet President Barack Obama.
Working on Proyect Pegasus we find a Judge who is also the first Exopolitician. This judge is an expert on the Universal Government which condemned our Earth to a severe quarantine.
Suggestion: try to find what's the purpose of this DISINFORMATION operation.
Have a wonderful day and night

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The fact is that 40 kids 18 and younger (no adults accepted) are in the hands of this kind of mind. 
Contact Yahoo is possible. I did that.
The address of kids only group is : 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mutant Memes in U.F.O. subculture-Tomas Scolarici

Mutant Memes in U.F.O. subculture-Tomas Scolarici


As we wrote previously, the UFO subculture leaders fight against an apparently invincible enemy: the  Nothing Happens Syndrome.

Usually the professional ufologists and self-promoters are forced to confront this total lack of events if they want to keep the believers interested in the UFO-are-extraterrestrial hypothesis.

The self proclaimed Exopoliticians, contactees, Councilors of Earth, time-travelers and Experts in Universal Legislation have indeed some basic rhetorical instruments to perform this trick.

Let me give you some samples:

The Cover-Up myth is one of these instruments for the preservation of the ET mythology.

IF there is a massive conspiracy for keeping the ET-UFO secret, the UFO mythologist can say and write absolutely what he/she wants. If evidences are demanded, he will evade the demand making the Cover Up responsible for the lack of evidences.

Obviously, is someone asks for evidences about the Cover Up itself, they will either call you a debunker in a blatant ad hominem fallacy,  or they will close the discussion adducing that because of the cover up, there are no evidences of the cover-up.

However, this giant cover up will give the UFO=ET mythologist new possibilities of deception. They will create imaginary whistle-blowers keeping the true believers convinced that the cover up is a fact.

However, the Contactees and UFO pundits must give the impression that they know the truth about the extraterrestrial presence in our planet.

For this, they will produce massive rhetorical nonsense presented as truth, and utilize the advice of the Infamous Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels: "If you repeat a lie one hundred times, that lie will become true..."

The presumed meeting of President Eisenhower with Extraterrestrials is a good example of this:

Dr. Michael Salla claims that President Eisenhower "met with two ETs with white hair, pale blue eyes and colorless lips," referred by alien enthusiasts as "Nordics."

He told the Washington Post that "The "Nordics" offered to share their superior technology and their spiritual wisdom with Ike if he would agree to eliminate America's nuclear weapons." Salla says the President declined the offer. He also told to his interviewer that President Eisenhower had agreed with another race of aliens that they could take livestock and humans with them for the purposes of experiments. He estimated that those aliens had taken "millions" of humans.

Michael Salla admitted to the Washington Post that the evidence supporting his claims about the existence of aliens was found by him "on the internet."


The absolute absence of evidences was not an obstacle for the Eisenhower-Aliens Meme. If you read posts or messages from some UFO fans, you will find that they talk about this pseudo-event with a total acceptance. The lie repeated one hundred times becomes true.

But I want to talk about those mutant memes, because this phenomenon shows the power of the Nothing Happens Syndrome.

First the obvious: the aliens are invisible. 94 % of the Unidentified Flying Objects are in fact identified as natural phenomena or man-made artifacts. The other 6% in any way is confirmation of intelligent extraterrestrial crafts.  That 6 % remains unidentified.

However the Exo-mythologists imposed the irrational identification UFO = Extraterrestrial Crafts.  


Not even this falsification is enough. The good aliens coming here to help us, becomes soon unbelievable. We must be complete ignorant  to believe that this advanced visitors come just to whisper in the ear of contactees the well known blend of New Age rhetoric and Sunday Morning Religion.

Here we have the rationale of the mutation. It becomes necessary to create bad aliens and powerful ones, and our Exopoliticians created the imaginary military-alien-industrial complex.

Thanks to  this  inexistent organization, Exopoliticians and other Irrational fantasists will be able to write non-sense, describe secret wars between good and bad aliens, and justify the absence of evidence and keep the UFO subculture alive.


However this mutant memes produce contradictory statements that show clearly that Exofantasists contradict themselves each one have his own mythology. This is obviously the evidence that all of them are talking about imaginary entities that have nothing to do with the real world. 

The spectacle becomes pathetic when Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, denies what Alfred Webre, expert in Universal Government Legislation says. Both will soon fight against Michael Salla who teaches Galactic Diplomacy.

But…are we talking about adults here? Yes, these fantasists selling the most ridiculous fiction as fact are adults.

Motivations? We can suggest some: The Ego Trip in border-line personalities that crave for some "popularity" is a motivation. Commercialism is the second one, with individuals trying to make a living selling these fictions. Personally, I do not believe in any deliberate manipulation of disinformation.

Of course, in some cases we must consider Insanity.


What will be the future of Irrational Ufology?. I think that Ufology will become religion.

Why? Because religion works through faith, not reason.

The inexistent ET will become also inexistent gods or angels. UFO fantasists will become the preachers of the new Religion.

Doubts and questions, of course, will become sins.

More important, the real thing, the coming will be a promise, as the Second Coming of Christ.

UFO fans will pray and wait just wait. Perhaps Salla, Webre, Boylan and Greer will write a new Sacred Book; the ET Bible.

We, rational ufologists, will be condemned as heretics.


Tomas Scolarici







entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,
"Occam's Razor"

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Richard Boylan, "COE" was WRONG again.

As usual, Richard Boylan, self proclaimed councilor of Earth's readings were WRONG.
Here is his new "prediction".


Photo taken at 10:32 CDT this morning showing Popocatepetl Volcano forcibly emitting gas, ash, and incandescent boulders under great pressure up to a mile (2 km) into the sky.
An energy scan points to Popo doing a major explosive eruption overnight this Friday into Saturday wee hours (local Mexico City time - CDT).
- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.,COE

Thursday, May 24, 2012

18 months later: The announcement of "Councilor of Earth" Richard Boylan

The "Councilor of Earth"Richard Boylan's announcement:

UFOFacts] the official Deadline for the U.S. Government to make an Official Public Acknowledgment of Star Visitor Contact

DrBoylan <>







   Dec. 31, 2010, 11:59 pm, EST, [05:00 hrs., Jan. 1, 2011, Greenwich Mean Time/UTC/Zulu], is the official Deadline for the U.S. Government to make a formal Official Public Acknowledgment that Star Visitor Contact and Communication has occurred.

   Preparation for this public information announcement was the subject of an official Executive Order (classified) signed by President Barack Obama, directing the National Security Council's Special Studies Group to prepare a plan for such a series of Official Government Public Acknowledgments of Star Visitor Contacts and Communications with U.S. Government representatives.

   The U.S. Government is preparing to do this pursuant to a formal Agreement made with Star Nations: that the U.S. would stop its policy of UFO Cover-Up this year.

   Of course such a public announcement could occur any time prior to December 31st too.

   Star Nations, through its representative the Councillor of Earth (Dr. Richard Boylan), have advised the Government that if they renage on complying with that Agreement, that Star Nations will initiate a series of open, public, dramatically-obvious demonstrations-of-presence such that the Government will then be compelled to publicly acknowledge Star Visitors reality.


    in service to Source,


    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

INSTRUCTIVE DIALOG about " The Meaning behind Alien abductions"

Dear Anton, I was reading your words of wisdom and thinking is to much for me.
Could you please define the concept of soul? Since soul it's influence by DNA, is it material?
Is Soul indestructible or we can become soulless people?

You write:
"The human race was a result of drastic genetic engineering by a coalition of several alien species/races several hundred thousand years ago, each group putting its own spin on the basic human template. Most of the aliens themselves were products of undisturbed evolution upon their home-worlds. " 

Do you have any evidence about this? Are we products of "disturbed" evolution? Does this contradicts Darwin's evolution's theory?

Positives are pro-God, pro-Life, follow the right hand path, and respect the Kosmic Wheel of Life. These aliens serve to banish negativity in all its forms, from stasis to indifference to needless suffering and ignorance. Powerful as these beings might be, they are not God, because God itself is pure potentiality, totally impersonal, and without self-awareness. But because it is a fact that not all beings are at equal levels of evolution, we know that there must be least and greatest of evolved beings in existence, the highest of which fit this category.  

It looks like you know god intimately. How do you know that he is not self-aware?

In the Great Pyramid, naive illuminati initiates sometimes undergo a rite whereby they are individually placed in the King's sarcophagus and left there to meditate for three days. Upon completion, the initiate is supposed to be illuminated, having been empowered and awoken by the pyramid energies. Little did he know before entering that the pyramid and its shafts function as a soul transporter to and from the Orion constellation, and midway through his meditation his body is vacated and replaced by a draconian walk-in. 

Stupid illuminati fool!  

Tell me Anton, you were there? How do you know this? Sorry, I understand that this must be surrounded in complete secrecy...

So much for Occam's razor.  

Ah Occam Razor, yes..."Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem..!
Of course I understand that you have nothing to do with such Occam razor.

Yours in awe
Chris Carter.

From: anton garcia castro <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:15 AM
Subject: [prepare4contact] The Meaning Behind... ALIEN ABDUCTIONS

The Meaning Behind... ALIEN ABDUCTIONS

Souls can only incarnate into bodies with DNA responsive to and compatible with that soul. Because souls are shaped by experiences and thoughts, different soul types will reincarnate into different body types of the same species. As humans, their personality is influenced and restricted by the characteristics of their soul. 

Spiritual evolution is limited by one's biological, genetic, and physical composition. 

For instance, a dog cannot grow emotionally as we do because their brains are biologically incapable of perceiving the same range of emotions. Dogs also do not feel equal self sacrifice and devotion to truth that some of us humans enjoy, and we are therefore superior to them. Lastly, since all souls, once out of the physical body and deep into the stages of the afterlife, are essentially the same being, there is no place for evolution in the spiritual realm; all evolution occurs on the physical plane of existence. 

This is why planet earth is so valued by the powers that be. It is the perfect training, evolving, and learning grounds for positive souls with the privilege of physical presence. In this region of the solar system, without an earth, there is no evolution, and whatever pain a soul is in continues indefinitely until that soul can reincarnate to evolve out of its pain. 

Because souls evolve by earthly hardships, new types of souls can only develop by modification of the older ones over millions of years of evolution. Thus, if a sudden jump occurred in the genetic sophistication of a species, a spiritual void would be left as the older souls would be outdated and incompatible with the newly created species. 

The new species would be born as still births unless some source of soul were available that is suitable with the DNA of that species. 

The human race was a result of drastic genetic engineering by a coalition of several alien species/races several hundred thousand years ago, each group putting its own spin on the basic human template. Most of the aliens themselves were products of undisturbed evolution upon their home-worlds. 

Since human evolution was catalyzed, the souls of our ancient primate ancestors could not reincarnate in the newer advanced bodies. Thus existed a spiritual void which was immediately filled with a new source. Considering it was aliens who created humans, these aliens must have had some reason to profit from the task. 

In fact, most alien bodies were too primitive to allow further spiritual evolution, meaning their potential for experiencing new things were hampered by the limitations of their DNA, as a blind man is restricted from admiring art by the limitations of his nonexistent eyesight. Therefore, a new creature was devised with unbelievable potential to experience and gain wisdom, created from old genetic stock already on earth at the time. 

This creature species was homo sapiens, a new body for the older alien souls, a new vehicle for the bored driver, a larger pot for a plant with crowded roots. But just as there were varied alien species and races, there are different human races since each alien species created its own version of the basic human. 

Human races are each predisposed to incarnations of ancient races of aliens, and the culture and prejudices of ancient aliens show up in the archetypes of modern cultures, because today's humans are these ancient aliens. Pure races of humans can contain only the souls of the alien race who designed them, but due to cross-racial breeding over past generations, the dilution of distinction between races has resulted in a good sized minority of each race having the capability of bearing the souls of any of several alien races. 

Although the majority of a race has a tendency to host a specific alien type, it is no longer an absolute law of nature. 

The most glaring feature of today's abduction literature is the lack of black people. Even with Barney Hill as an exception, his wife Betty is white. This indicates a preference for whites by greys and their leaders. Also, some whites speak of pleasurable encounters with aliens, while other whites recount horrific tales by the same group. This can only be true if there exist sub-races within the white race, resulting from modifications upon the original whites by an alien faction foreign to the first. 

Since abductees are reincarnations of different alien groups, if one's abductors are of an alien race hostile to that of his alien lineage, then he is indeed likely to be treated with hostility. 

But just as abductors might despise the origin of their abductees' souls, so do we as humans have contempt, envy, or hatred of other races, though it is subconscious in our case and can be overcome by social conditioning. Anti-Semitism and racism in general are societal effects of our racial memories. Not every aspect of cultures is determined by ancestral archetypes buried deep in our minds, but the unique characteristics of a culture are flavored with the memories and customs of our ancient alien selves. 

While the course of humanity on the physical plane often remains in our hands, the spirit world is a definite influence in our affairs. Sub-physical, para-ethereal entities who cannot or choose not to reincarnate attempt to alter our futures to their benefit. Usually, the astral and physical planes are separated in such a way that entities from one plane cannot influence those of the other. 

However, owing to God's necessity for perpetuating the oscillation between good and evil (such that the battle between them gives birth to new experience and growth of consciousness, God ) the interface between astral and physical weakens cyclically. During one part of the cycle, evil astral entities have easy access to this world, and during the other half, good entities influence humanity. 

Under the proper circumstances, involving places and times where the earth's EM grid fluctuates toward the benefit of astral entities, they can exist more solidly and visibly to us, even to the point of attaching themselves to a new host body and living as human. These places exist naturally and are often considered haunted or sacred by the locals. Most of these entities are simply non-incarnate alien souls who guide the influence the actions of their earthbound naive brothers. 

The significance of this lies in that there are many alien types, and not all have the same agenda. 

There are laissez-faire Non-Interventionists in physical and ethereal form, the physical ones of which live extraterrestrially. These are wise and do not interfere with what happens on earth, but allow us to be taught by the consequences of our own actions. If we blow ourselves up, we will know next time not to do it again (hopefully). 

Positives are pro-God, pro-Life, follow the right hand path, and respect the Kosmic Wheel of Life. These aliens serve to banish negativity in all its forms, from stasis to indifference to needless suffering and ignorance. Powerful as these beings might be, they are not God, because God itself is pure potentiality, totally impersonal, and without self-awareness. But because it is a fact that not all beings are at equal levels of evolution, we know that there must be least and greatest of evolved beings in existence, the highest of which fit this category. 

Ascended Masters can be of any of the alien races, except they are highly evolved, much more so than ordinary alien groups of whom they once were normal members, and exist primarily on the spirit plane. Their power is extreme, whether they are good or evil, and can be compared to such bigshots as Jesus, Budha, Lucifer, and Satan. 

Occasionally, when grid conditions are right, they can incarnate physically to directly influence mankind. 

In the Great Pyramid, naive illuminati initiates sometimes undergo a rite whereby they are individually placed in the King's sarcophagus and left there to meditate for three days. Upon completion, the initiate is supposed to be illuminated, having been empowered and awoken by the pyramid energies. Little did he know before entering that the pyramid and its shafts function as a soul transporter to and from the Orion constellation, and midway through his meditation his body is vacated and replaced by a draconian walk-in. 

Stupid illuminati fool! 

Parasites are here to exploit our natural, spiritual, and biological resources. 

They are responsible for,

the ancient gold mines of Africa

some of our modern animal mutilations

much of organized religion

Parasites have striven to appear as gods to man (some of whom they created as slave workers in the mines, known today as a sub-category of the negro race) so that man would worship them, sacrifice animals for them, and pray to them, in effect sending their own astral energy to these parasites, who in turn suckle off this earthly astral energy to maintain their physical solidity in this world, for most parasites are extradimensional creatures on borrowed time and energy. 

The Bible warns man not to worship idols, but to pray to the soul (Jesus) within, because praying to an idol means sending your psychic energy outward, ready to be intercepted by any entity with the evil intentions to use it for its own selfish survival.

(Christianity contains contradictory statements within, so it can be assuredly stated that outside of alterations by the Church, several alien factions have played a part in shaping this religion, some of whom include the Nibiruans and Elohim groups. Nibiruans created man for slave labor and harvesting of astral energy, while the other group impaired the freedom of man to prevent civilization from advancing to a technological level beyond the capability of humans to handle responsibly. And yet, there are other factions, of whom Jesus was an Ascended Master, which enforce the Law of Freewill and allow man to have all the knowledge he wants as long as he requests it, symbolized by the Serpent tempting Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge). 

Organized religion is centered around idols, statues, crucifixes, and other things external, and is therefore inherently a scam unless one pays attention to the message of the bible, and not the messenger known as Church. 

Negatives are those going against the wheel of life, who try to cheat the rules of the universe, who go on disrupting, destroying and sinning without karmic retribution. They try to be their own gods, masters of their own universes, and are total ego trips. 

Of all alien types, these are the most dangerous. 

They have, for the past several thousand years, composed an elaborate plan to overthrow the influence of God over their lives and this world such that they may rule without any limitation. In keep with the theme presented in Handbook for the New Paradigm, at the time when the oscillation shall shift from negative to positive, the structure of this world is in a vulnerable state, and negatives will utilize astral energy they reap from the immediate deaths of billions of humans (killed by some method, unknown to the author) to blast the boundary between this dimension and that where the spirits reside. 

This will trigger a chain reaction of chaos so thorough in its agitation that the jumbled mess once known as reality will be malleable and moldable enough to recompose into an order designed by the negatives through their collective psychic focus and manifest desire. This recomposed reality will have no Laws of Freewill or Karma, and the negatives may exploit without consequence. 

The negatives' subordinates include the next category of aliens, the Resurrectionists. 

Last, Resurrectionists are here to fully bring back their ancient masters, whose souls are still trapped in earth's astral field. Back when the alien coalition created mankind, these aliens were either not present or excluded from the program. Resurrectionists did not have the technology to create an entirely new race, so they could only minorly modify humans by either interbreeding with them or with the low tech they possessed. 

The story of the Serpent's encounter with Eve is a fable about this event. Today, royal blue-bloods are descendents of the resurrectionist's efforts, and appear as normal white folk, except their DNA is slightly modified to allow incarnation by their alien masters. Most blue-bloods are unaware of their lineage except for a knack for leadership and sociopathic tendencies. 

The Illuminati are blue-bloods who have awakened to their identities, and use their illumination and positions of power to steer mankind toward the goals of resurrectionists, namely a New World Order. This is what the eye of lucifer atop the unfinished pyramid on the United States seal stands for. 

But because resurrectionist souls are so incompatible with normal human bodies, an entirely new race must be created to allow mass incarnation and existence upon earth. This is what alien abductions are all about. The resurrectionist masters are known collectively as infernals, the leader as Lucifer, and the physical ones as reptoids or sauroids, and their worker automatons as greys. 

Greys do the abducting, and the rest follows. 

The abduction program, then, is an elaborate plan conducted by the agents of Lucifer, in collaboration with the Illuminati and NWO politicians, to genetically engineer a hybrid race whose bodies will allow only infernal souls to reincarnate on earth... the rest of humanity will be eradicated or kept for slave labor. The existence of Lucifer is logical, for we know that not all entities are equally developed, meaning there must be a highest and weakest of entities, and Lucifer by definition is the most powerful of the negatives. 

So those who were excluded from the program originally are looking for payback, and think they can get it if they do it in time. 

This has all been allowed to occur because for the past two thousand years, earth's EM grid has been in the negative half of its oscillation, allowing evil entities to infiltrate our reality and screw with our history. But it is all about to change, however, and the cycle shifts back to the good half somewhere around 2012 (perhaps December 21). 

If the resurrectionists do not succeed by then, if they fail to root themselves physically in our world, then all is lost for them. 

To top it off, they require several of their infernal masters to be born as humans to take the reigns of power as antichrists. But because their reincarnations are premature, if not awkward, it takes much effort to fit an infernal into a human body, like squeezing a fat ass into tight jeans. Therefore, the infusion of human body with infernal soul requires critical astrological alignment, timing, and location on earth (such that the astral and physical planes are closest at that moment and time), so there is a definite deadline for the resurrectionists and NWO to complete their goals. 

It is why the NWO must eliminate resistance now rather than wait another twenty years for 100% of humanity to turn to ignorant sheep rather than the present 97% majority, because later will be too late. 

If everything goes according to plan, the world will be unified by the human incarnate infernal masters into an NWO to fight the return of positives and defeat them, after which normal humans will be wiped out by disease or systematic mass murder, and finally, the planet will be repopulated by hybrid aliens manufactured through the alien abduction program. 

Of course, this is not the way things will happen. 

After uniting the world for a while, the antichrist will figuratively be stabbed in the back by rebellious nations, like the (former) United States of America, and another war will break out between pro-NWO and anti-NWO nations. After major loss of life, at the verge of defeat for America, the cycle will have oscillated to a point where the positives enter our dimension and swoop down, defeating the resurrectionists and sending the infernals back to the astral plane. 

There is a Law of Non-Interference normally preventing aliens from intervening in anything, but this Law has already been broken by the negatives and resurrectionists, so the positives must come in to equalize the situation. 

Then, positive entities will rule for a period of time until the cycle changes again. 

So much for Occam's razor. 

-Tom & Hyper Dimensional Sciences-

Monday, May 21, 2012


Dear Friend

If you want to make a living selling religion of ufology, you must learn the supreme craft of the Cosmic Gurus and Preachers which is to keep people waiting.

For this, they must convince the true believers:  "...well, yes , but  next month, and after all, next year will be fine, and Jesus is coming, and the ET are coming also...No? They didn't come yesterday? Well, let me tell you that reliable sources let me know that next week they will be here...or next month perhaps."

The basic marketing law here is this one:  Keep people thinking that something is going on, even if nothing is going on.

Tomas Scolarici

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Richard Boylan: the show must go on.

Richard Boylan, the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth, insists in finding "secrets" and conspiracies.

As usual in the rarified world of the UFO=ET subculture,  the man who lost his therapeutic licenses for abuses to female patients,( tries to "poison the well", a well known fallacy, with his aggressive rhetoric.

Since nothing happens and the Star Nations remain inside the imagination of Dr Hot Tube, he promises now some big events in 2017..! . He writes: "After this year it will be more of a lightworkers' mopping-up operation of the Cabal remnants. And by the end of 2016 the Cabal will be essentially finished. Come 2017, everyone stock a bottle of champagne. We'll have something to toast!"

Of course the ET never come to the appointment. In other words, the fans will be waiting a few years more…




    As some will remember when I addresses that bogus "White House statement"(sic) a number of weeks ago, it actually came from a Cabal infiltrator within some low-level office that does interface between a (Cabal-infiltrated) intelligence office and the White House, and not from the White House itself.

    Thus that part of the Yahoo reporter's story is incorrect.

    At most, that statement was some low-level government office employee's opinion, (although we know he was Cabal-tasked to put out that disinforming propaganda as "fact".)

    One of the Cabal's standard "proofs" that "there are no 'aliens' here" is the enormous distances between stars.

    Such "proof" is absurd, because the frequent presence of Star Visitors here (some for centuries, as for example, the Saami, and the Tall Whites) ipso facto establishes that intelligent life can travel from other stars to Earth. Because it has.

    Our primitive science is starting to understand how some star civilizations may conduct such travel.

    For example by "jumping" through hyperspace, by taking "short-cuts" utilizing worm-holes, or by riding gravity waves (which travel many thousands of times the speed of light.)

    So, let's not let that little tempest-in-a-teapot Yahoo sidebar distract from President Obama's very telling statement: "'I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials, but I can tell you if there had been a top-secret meeting and if there would have had to have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.'"

    Carefully parsed, what his statement implies are the following:

    - Obama cannot deny that Star Visitors exist;   [especially since he's an Experiencer. :-)  ]

    - Any discussion about "extraterrestrials" is top secret. Such a high security designation is not affixed to talk about the theoretical existence of intelligent life in some far-off corner of the galaxy.

    - White House discussion about Star Visitors [such as briefing reports from the National Security Council's Special Studies Group designated to deal with Star Visitor relations] are so sensitive that they only take place in the super-secure Situation Room beneath the White House.

    When you peel apart the President's carefully-chosen words, he has said quite a mouthful."


     in the light,


     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dr. Richard Boylan : Abduction as negative, traumatic experience.

Dr. Richard Boylan reveals Grey NAZI Insectoid Infiltrations: The Genetical & Psychotronic Apocalyptical Locust Plague from Orion Constellation.

Mind Control Expert and Dr Greer - Strange Bedfellows?
And this is a link sent by the Councilor of Earth, Dr.Richard Boylan to his followers:
Dr. Richard Boylan : Abduction as negative, traumatic experience.



The evidence from my research and clinical experience, as well as that of other clinical professionals working with experiences of ET encounters, strongly suggests that the vast majority of close encounter experiencers have an acute, mild-to-severe transient reaction, if any, to their close extraterrestrial encounter. With prompt expert attention, chronic symptoms re rare. these are experiencers who have had an Uncomplicated ET Encounter. They exhibit the temporary symptoms, if any, of Close extraterrestrial Encounter Syndrome (CEES). A Brief Intervention Model of exploratory, educative and ventilative counseling about close ET encounters generally suffices for the vast majority of experiencers with an Uncomplicated Close Encounter. In these cases I have found that one to six sessions of therapy and education generally are sufficient. After this brief counseling is completed, the experiencers typically have worked through any anxiety they might have had about their encounter(s). they are then ready to move on to an experience consciousness-sharing group to explore further what ET contact means.
Close Extraterrestrial Encounter Syndrome (CEES) is an Adjustment Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DSM 309.9): a reaction to a close extraterrestrial encounter (CEE), remembered or repressed into the unconscious, which substantially alters patterns of daily living or social relationships in a mildly disorienting or unsettling way, and has four or more of the following 20 associated symptoms. these symptoms may include:
1.            Repeated anxiety/unexplained restlessness after an anomalous event, (such as one involving nocturnal lights, viewing a UFO, a sense of a foreign presence in the house, or an unexplained detour from one's ordinary driving route);
2.            Phobic reaction to phenomena consciously or unconsciously associated with a CEE, (such as an accurate sketch of an extraterrestrial face);
3.            Repeated sleep disturbances or nightmares with UFO/ET themes;
4.            Obsessional "Dreams" or daytime thinking about UFOs, ETs or CEES;
5.            Compulsive behavior (e.g., reading) concerning the UFO topic;
6.            Unexplained moodiness/irritability after an anomalous UFO/encounter incident
7.            Preoccupation with body symptoms/marks associated with a CEE (such as tiny scoop marks, or laser scars which don't bleed or hurt and which heal very quickly, or inexplicable bruises noted upon wakening consistent with an extraterrestrial hand grip, or episodic ringing in one ear, or other episodic resonance vibrations felt in a particular body site, such as the upper nasal sinus cavity or the occipital lobe region of the brain);
8.            Experiencing an unexplainable, substantial period of "missing time" following an anomalous incident, (such as being paced at night by a "car" with a single powerful headlight, or sitting down after dinner to watch television, immediately noticing an unusual pattern on the screen, and "waking up" at 9:00 the next morning unable to remember having watched TV or going to bed, etc.);
9.            The suddenunexplained onset of feelings of social non-ordinariness (i.e., that one is out of sync with the world, or that the world no longer seems as it used to);
10.          Cosmic awareness (thinking about the Earth as a living whole, instead of confining one's perspective to neighborhood or town or country; or thinking about the Earth as just one among many inhabited planets) which enters with unusual frequency into one's daytime thinking;
11.          Suddenly feeling an affinity for CEE experiencers one reads about or hears interviewed on television, or feeling a strong attraction to extraterrestrials as somehow familiar;
12.          A sense of receiving telepathic messages or repeated gifted intuitions, presumably from an extraterrestrial source;
13.          A sense of one's mindspace being episodically entered into and shared with an extraterrestrial being;
14.          The onset of or marked increase in, psychic/ESP ability, (such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, or telekinesis);
15.          Onset of attraction for a spiritually or religious practice based on the in-dwelling of the Supreme Source in all nature, and resultant reverence for all lifeforms as related;
16.          Sense of longing for the primary-contact Extraterrestrial one has dealt with during one or more Encounters;
17.          An obsessive sense of having a mission (clear, vague or unconscious) derived from the CEE, and related to the extraterrestrials' messages;
18.          A sense of strong "pull" to travel to a specific area, either with an intuition of an impending close encounter there, or for an unknown reason, (which turns out to be a CEE);
19.          Having an extraterrestrial perspective to the Earth's situation, or feeling a genetic heritage partially derived from extraterrestrial sources, or having a sense of having come from off-planet, or having somehow had an extraterrestrial as one parent;
20.          Sense of one's destiny as off-planet, or feeling a "pull" to go "home" to an extraterrestrial planet one was shown by the ET's, or to "rejoin fellow" extraterrestrials elsewhere in the galaxy.
Then, there are those experiencers who are suffering from major symptoms of a Complicated Close Extraterrestrial Encounter Syndrome (CEES). Most often this is because they are still dealing with residual emotions from an earlier, severe, human-caused trauma, for which they have not yet completed a successful course of psychotherapy. In such instances, the extraterrestrial visitations cause an abreactive exacerbation of previous, human-caused Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Other preexisting disorders which predispose an experiencer to develop major symptoms after an encounter are: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Borderline Personality Syndrome, severe Histrionic or severe Dependent Personality disorder. For such dually-challenged persons the therapist will need to consider longer-term psychotherapy.
Such therapy will need to deal with both the human-caused traumatic issues and the emotional exacerbation and turmoil resulting from extraterrestrial visitations. Special care will be needed to keep distinct the issues stemming from the human-caused trauma, and those issues stemming from the extraterrestrial contact itself. It cannot be expected that the experiencer who has had previous human trauma will initially be able to keep the two events separate. In fact, in my research experience, such experiencers almost always confuse the feelings coming from their extraterrestrial encounter with the residual feelings from their human trauma.
And this is to be expected. The reason such confounding of close encounter feelings with feelings from human trauma occurs is because the human trauma is invariable extremely intense, catastrophically unexpected, out-of-the-norm, and extremely intimate. The unresolved human traumata most likely to cause flashback emotions after a close encounter are: childhood sexual molestation, childhood or adult rape, or childhood ritual (Satanic) cultic abuse, (usually involving sexual molestation and torture). Such human traumata leave the victim with deep feelings of being intruded upon intimately by an unwanted other person, feelings of being overpowered in a frightening way, feelings of loss of the usual protective boundaries between what is personal and what is socially shared, and feeling of loss of distinction between where self ends and where another person begins (intimate invasion).
Because extraterrestrial encounters often involve the sudden appearance of one or more extraterrestrials without warning in an expected location, such as one's bedroom at night, their appearance can feel, at first, like an invasion. the extraterrestrials' use of mental telepathy, and their facility for reading one's thoughts and the contents of one's mind, can feel, to the previously traumatized person, like an old, familiar, and unwelcome intrusion into what is in our culture one's private space. Here we have the clash of two cultures, polar opposite in their assumptions. In human culture, (Western modern industrial culture, anyway) the assumption is that one's thoughts and living space are private, because individualism is prized. In extraterrestrial cultures researched thus far, it appears that living space and thoughts are inevitably shared, because of the automatic, two-way nature of the mutual telepathic ability of all members of their society. they live in a shared mind-field "commons".
There are other aspects of some close encounters which may also cause traumatic flashbacks. Sometimes an extraterrestrial will cloak him/herself (yes, they have gender) by imposing on the mind of the experiencer the borrowed appearance of a familiar family figure, so that the experiencer believes (and remembers) that it was Dad, or Uncle Henry, or Grandma that was actually in the bedroom the night they woke up with a presence in the room. If that close encounter also includes a scientific-medical exam, with the experiencer on her back, paralyzed or held in place by force-field ankle or wrist restraints, and if palpation of the pelvic or buttocks areas, or a gynecological procedure is part of the procedures, and the experiencer has only sketchy recall of the encounter, their memory may put the fragments remembered together and come up with the pseudo-memory that Dad, or Uncle Henry, or Grandma pinned them down in their bedroom and molested them. I have discovered at least five instances of such pseudo-incest memories in an 86-case research sample, and Hard psychiatrist John Mack reports more.
Then, there are those minority of cases, perhaps 5%, of persons who are the victims of pseudo-Alien abductions. These are staged by human Military/Intelligence "Special Operations" personnel to extract information or test exotic technology, and may include drugging, narco-hypnotism, psychological and physical abuse, interrogations, threats, rape, or torture, in exotic unfamiliar settings, with bizarre pseudo-"Aliens" (costumed Special Forces) present. The federal Department of Health and Human Services has been collecting reports from these victims.
Differential diagnosis of CEES from schizophrenia is relatively straightforward. Genuine experiencers do not have bizarre, grandiose, somatic, religious, nihilistic or persecutory delusions, (although the clinician must distinguish such report as telepathic communication by ETs from schizophrenia thought-insertion delusions.) Likewise, schizophrenic auditory hallucinations, where "the voices" criticize or command, must be distinguished from audible-seeming ET telepathic communication. And genuine experiencers are not incoherent, nor locked into illogical thinking or loose associations, as schizophrenics so often are. Also, experiencers' affect is anything but blunt or flat. Nor is their behavior grossly disorganized, as the schizophrenic's so often is.
Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as Factitious Disorder with Psychological Symptoms, provide differential diagnosis challenges, because many attention-seeking Borderlines and Factitious Disordered are now hopping on the "abductee-victim" bandwagon. Further, they have been exposed to enough media or support-group data to cleverly mimic experiencers. But persons who have had genuine encounters generally lack the marked mood-shifting, stubborn anger, history of intensely unstable relationships, gnawing identity disturbance, impulsivity patterns and chronic acting-out to enliven an empty life, which are the hallmarks of Borderlines.
Likewise, the Factitious-Disordered person's chaotic array of symptoms and stubborn clinging to "victim" status do differentiate them from the generally well-functioning experiencer, who genuinely wants to understand their experiences and come to feel resolved.
The differentiation of Delusional Disorder, Paranoid Type from CEES is more exacting, because a Delusional could, and sometimes does, have a single-topic delusion of extraterrestrial visitation, and otherwise be functional. However, the characteristically-disproportional, consuming paranoia of the Delusional is quite different than the sometimes-afraid reaction of some experiencers. And Delusionals are refractory to reality-based educative counseling, which experiencers are able to use to master their misgivings and uncertainties about their encounters.
Frontal-Lobe Epilepsy may produce transient organic hallucinations, which can infrequently include "seeing" extraterrestrials. But the emotional lability, impulsiveness, intellectual rigidity or social disconnectedness often also seen in these organic personality syndromes distinguishes them from genuine experiencers, who are usually psychologically indistinguishable from the general population.
In my view, there is no more interesting and rewarding work than working with persons who have experienced a personal extraterrestrial visitation. The opportunities for healing, learning, and growing are immense. Yet clinical skills will be tested in this arena. And the need for vigilance to screen out the false and imitation presentations will always be present. And traditional sources of professional and colleague support are not yet evolved to encompass this reality. Until then, one finds new supports, in organizations like ACCET and PEER and from other avant-garde clinicians and experts.
One hundred years ago psychiatry was not an accepted discipline. One hundred years from today, people will marvel that Psychology once excluded extraterrestrial encounters as delusions.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dr.Richard Boylan and the Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial-Cabal

Scholars and Professionals like Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Michael Salla and some other exobiologists, suggest that our ability as human beings to critically appreciate politics on Earth, at all levels, is being undermined by an elite-induced fundamental self-deception.
The so called Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial-Cabal, is in fact a reactionary alliance between the manipulative aliens and the corporative and military complex.
The Agenda of his Cabal, said the Councilor Dr. Richard Boylan is the execution of the Extraterrestrial-Corporative conspiracy.
Both, Dr. Michael Salla and Dr. Richard Boylan told to a very selected and private audience that the designation of a New World Government controlled by Extraterrestrials is the future perspective for our planet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friendly Advice about " Courses for Exopolitics Certification Program."

Dear friends

Included below you will find some information about the Semester Courses for Exopolitics Certification Program.

Following these courses about Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Cosmic Diplomacy, will not only teach you a lot about those ET civilizations, but also will give you a solid professional background.

Now please, let me suggest you that, if you are looking for a job, do not include your Cosmic Diplomacy Certificate in your resume.

Believe it or not, those who are in charge of your evaluation will not see your qualifications on Galactic Diplomacy will have an undesirable effect.

Perhaps with a gentle smile the interviewer will ask you about your knowledge of some of those extraterrestrial civilizations, and he will want to know  in what way this knowledge will be used in benefit of those who will eventually give you the job.

You will find difficult to answer, my friend, tell the interviewer about the many the practical applications of your knowledge about  the Andromedans, or the Pleiadeans .

No, believe me, it's very possible that the employer will tell you that there is no job available for you, and even call some Guards who will escort you outside of the building.

Go to Hawaii (if you have money enough.) and follow the course about Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Cosmic Diplomacy, but do not include the Diploma in your resume, and if you already have a job, do not show that Certificate to friends or bosses.


Exopolitics Institute
IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Summer Semester Courses for Exopolitics Certification Program Start on May, 21, 2012 
 [April 30, 2012 - Kona, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is pleased to announce that classes begin on January 18 for a number of educational programs designed for those interested in developing professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence concerning extraterrestrial life. Our experienced faculty of educators and trainers collectively offer decades of experience in the teaching profession and in researching extraterrestrial life; and offer you the opportunity to apply exopolitics in a number of unique areas.

Classes offered for the Summer 2012 Semester are:
Exo-102 - Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Course Instructor, Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris.
Exo 103 - Best Evidence: Expert Witness Testimony and Views on the ET Presence, Course Instructor, Paola Harris, M.Ed. 

For 2012 schedule visit:
Some comments from students completing earlier courses with Summer 2012 instructors.
Certainly the Galactic history part was fascinating. This gave a new meaning to the contemporary expression "as above, so below". One can also see patterns in that we are to a degree walking in our forefathers steps. It made it more understandable.
>Kai Olsen - Exo-102-Summer-2011