Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Of course, you all know that it's true what Dr.Boylan says about the Star Nations working here with us for millenniums. Boylan writes that we are just the product of genetic manipulation, and of course, if the Councilor of Earth says so, that's enough.
No, do not ask me why Boylan is Councilor of Earth. He says so and that's all I need.
We have Faith in everything this Man says. No doubts at all. Those who doubt are Cabals, all of them.

In Fact, with the exception of Boylan and perhaps Fran, the Incarnated mantis, the rest of the world is Cabal.
What? How do I know that Fran is an Incarnated Mantis? Well, because she says's enough for me, since I am a true believer, not a Cabal. Stephen Hawkins is a Cabal, but I am not.
Dr. Boylan says that there are Altimarian scientists fixing our environmental problems. I believe this is true, because the Councilor says so, and that is enough...what else should I want?
There are billions of kids and adults that are star/seeds. Yes, it's true. Read what the good Doctor says, and remember that he always tells the Truth. The rest of the world lies but never the Councilor, who is a Star/Seed Himself.

No, I don't need to read anything else. I read only what the Councilors tells me is readable, because the rest is just disinformation and cabalism.

Evidences? Of course I have enough. The word of Dr. Boylan is good enough for me.
He is "on the light". How I know this? Just because He told me so. What he says is the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth for us.

The Believer.