Monday, September 13, 2010

Algolian Ultimatum to Star-Nations.

In a 9 degrees change of his usual rhetoric, Dr. Richard Boylan, Councilor of Earth, confirmed that Star Nations will keep distance from us wthout any interference in our problems.
Our sources told us that StarNations authorities critiziced our human "shortage of political will to reform.( in the Councilor's words. See below.)
Will the star nations help us? No, not even will we receive any information from them "only when it deems such to be absolutely necessary due to overarching considerations".( see Councilor words.)
High ranking sources who will remain anonymous of course, told us that this abrupt change of perspectives is related to a meeting between the Algolian Military Command and Star Nations' diplomats.
The Star Nations will do anything, confirmed the source , to avoid a military confrontation with the powerful and feared Algolians, alied with Human Legitimate Authorities.

DrBoylan ...

Sylvia and everyone,

Please pardon my Internet silence the past week.
I have been out of the country and away from the Internet.
Now that I have returned (Sunday night), I will be available to message as is called for by developments.
I do not have current information on whatever guidance that Star Nations may be providing to President Obama or Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

In general Star Nations expects Humans to operate their own society in the best way they can with their own efforts. The difficulties in global decision-making are not due to a shortage of information but due to a shortage of political will to reform, that shortage abetted by Cabal geopolitical manipulators both visible and behind the scenes.

Thus Star Nations provides information only when it deems such to be absolutely necessary due to overarching considerations.

in service to Source,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.