Thursday, March 3, 2011

Star Nations to Humanity.

About Humans and Star Nations.

Star Nations to Humanity.

Those few, who present themselves as our representatives, promote many wrong ideas about the Star Nations.

According to these individuals, we will put pressure on your authorities, forcing them to recognize our presence.

First of all, our agenda forbids any kind of interference in your human affairs. Humanity’s social, political and economical organization is the consequence of your natural evolution, so we have no right and no need to interfere in your business.

Since we have no contact with your authorities, there is no secret to be revealed.

About this, let us clarify that there were no hostilities between Terrestrials and Star Nations.

It is untrue that they captured some of our crafts, or took some of us prisoners.

We are not aggressive and your warriors could not be aggressive, even if they wanted.

Let’s end this message telling you that Humanity is not, in any way a product of our bio-genetic manipulations. It is very important for you to know this, and know also that your greatest Spiritual Guides were Humans and not disguised extraterrestrials.

About Contacts
Some individuals present themselves as our representatives. We deny any nomination of a presumed "Councilor of Earth"
As told before, we have no representatives or diplomats in your world.
These pseudo-representatives talk and write about some kind of massive, collective contact happening in the near future.
This is not true. We are not in contact with your authorities and will not perform any "landing show".
Out contacts are and will be always personal and private experiences.
Our agenda forbids any kind of massive deploy of crafts, since this will be negative for your Civilization and ours.
You must also know that we are not involved in secret contacts with terrestrial authorities.
We were never attacked by terrestrial authorities, and of course we were never engaged in acts of war with your people.
Closing this message, we want to make absolutely clear that any public recognition would have negative consequences for all of us.

Be happy and well all of you.

With love