Wednesday, April 13, 2011

UFO, UAP and Truth-Tomas Scolarici

The real problem here is not if Unidentified Aerial Phenomena exist. Of course UAP (UFO) exist.
The authentic dilemma is what these UAP are.
Now if you want to know the truth, you must do research. On the contrary, if you want to sell books of promote yourself; then you must go into some kind of new religion, because religion doesn’t work with evidences, but with Faith.
If you are into this, you only need a charismatic individual who will teach you what was revealed to him/her by gods, angels, ghosts or extraterrestrials.
Consequently, all those who ask for evidences are ipso facto condemned because they don’t have Faith.
It’s simple like that.
If you believe that UFO are extraterrestrial crafts, and you recognize that this is hypothetic, that is fine. You will work with your hypothesis and try to find evidences.
Personally, after 40 years of research, I think that the entities responsible for the unidentified phenomenon are not extraterrestrials. I think also that we have historical evidences that the UFO phenomenon is with us from the beginning of times. (See UFO in art and historical narrative.)
Now, I don’t know who these entities are, but they behave as Time Travelers. Perhaps they just come from our distant future. Apparently any direct contact would be impossible if they do not want to disrupt the time continuum. (Think in the paradox of not killing your grandparents if you want to exist.)
Possible I am wrong. Mine is nothing but a hypothesis, and if I begin to talk about the messages of the time travelers, this means that I am insane. There are not such messages.
Perhaps the Entities are not time travelers, but something else, something that I cannot understand at all; something so complex that nobody can understand.
What I cannot do is to talk about what I ignore. Those who do this are either charlatans or crazy.
Tomas Scolarici