Friday, July 29, 2011

Fwd: Richard Boylan posts this grotesque stupidity in his “only for kids” Group “StarKidsHangout.”

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Date: Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 2:52 PM
Subject: Richard Boylan posts this grotesque stupidity in his "only for kids" Group "StarKidsHangout."

Richard Boylan posts this grotesque stupidity in his "only for kids" Group "StarKidsHangout."



Announcing a Joint Psychic Exercise Monday (Aug.1) to Take Down the Rebuilt HAARP Complex and Stop Cabal Interference with Mother Earth.


In April, 2008 we did a Joint Psychic Exercise to disable the HAARP Complex, and end the Cabal's using that weapons system to track Star Visitor crafts (UFOs) for purposes of their being shot down.

During the intervening three years the Cabal have devoted enormous sums of money to rebuild and expand the HAARP complex of installations, and to mate them with overhead satellites which redirect weapons-grade energy beams from the HAARP complex to designated targets to destroy them.

HAARP installations exist at Gakona, Alaska (see:; Fairbanks, Alaska; Puerto Rico; Tromso, Norway; Nizhnoy Novgorod, Russia; and near Pine Gap, Australia.

And the Cabal have used now-rebuilt ground-space HAARP weapons system to engage in various harmful activities, including earhquake "engineering".. The HAARP system is used to disrupt magma flow and the integrity of tectonic plate materials and send powerful vibrations into those plates for purposes of triggering man-made earthquakes.

On last Sunday July 24 (Monday, Japan time), the Cabal used their HAARP weapon to disrupt the release of pressure by Mother Earth in the seabed near Honshu, Japan. They repeatedly zapped the edge of the Pacific Tectonic Plate there, interrupting the forward progress of the Pacific Plate under the Okhotsk Plate which Japan rests upon. The Cabal's intrusions resulted in a series of five sizeable quakes in a little over 24 hours.

But Gaia/Mother Earth still needs to relieve massive pressure at the Triple Conjunction Zone where the Pacific Plate is sliding under the Okhotsk Plate, with additional pressure provided by the Philippine Sea Plate pushing laterally against both and Japan.

The Cabal's interference has only delayed and built up more pressure, so that now looms a Mega-Quake of magnitude 9.7. That Quake will be 3 times as strong as the 9.5 which would otherwise have occurred, and unnecessarily that much more destructive.

"It doesn't pay to fool with Mother Nature." But the Cabal haven't learned that lesson.

That Cabal-exacerbated 9.7 Quake will not only set a new world record, but will generate a Super-Tsunami of unprecedented size and reach. The energy indication is that it will occur around the beginning of August.

The Cabal don't care if their interference-caused Mega-Quake and Super-Tsunami are more destructive. Since they have advance knowledge that it is coming, they can make great profits off foreseeing the crash of a sizeable portion of the Japanese economy, as not only Sendai and other northern Honshu cities are damaged but even Tokyo itself. The indication at this point is that a 9.7 Mega-Quake will cause considerable destruction in the capital Tokyo.
(Even March's comparatively smaller 9.0 earthquake caused destruction and disruption of automobile manufacturing plants at some distance from the epicenter, disrupted food supplies, and caused huge destruction of commercial property and homes in the affected area.)
The Cabal caused-by-delay 9.7 Mega-Quake will be 3 times stronger than it needed to be unhindered, and the areas of damage will be much larger.
Not only Fukushima but other nuclear power plants in the region will be damaged by this coming Mega-Quake and Super-Tsunami, compounding the radiation leakage problems already extant, and increasing the electrical power shortages in Japan even more.
The Cabal can profiteer by betting that the Tokyo stock exchange will crash, the Japanese economy will tank, and that what property and businesses which survive can be bought at deep discount during the resulting economic Recession which will befall Japan.
With Japan reeling, its role as a power center in Asia and the world will be diminished for a while, and the Cabal will be only too happy to step into that power vacuum with global power-manipulation strategies of their own.

The Cabal can only see an upside for themselves by manipulating Earth geological processes to achieve Cabal power-and-profit objectives.

And so we need to disable the HAARP installations and render their equipment permanently inoperative by our using our psychic abilities such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, projected disruptive magnetic fields, etc.

We also need to disable the Cabal weapons satellite which relays destructive HAARP beams to targets selected by the Cabal.

We do this disabling of the Cabal's HAARP complex of installations with full adult realization that stopping the Cabal's generating of disruption quakes will free the Pacific Plate to move forward unhindered and release the pressure built up, and for Mother Nature to finally regain some equilibrium in that sector of earth.

But we will have achieved a permanent stoppage of the Cabal's "playing God" by their earthquake "engineering" and other destructive uses of their HAARP weapons system.

And so I announcement a Joint Psychic Exercise to:
1) disable those Cabal protective guard units (both psychic warriors and armed security goons) around the HAARP complexes so that they cannot interfere with the rest of our JPE against the various HAARP Complexes;
2) permanently disable/destroy the equipment at the HAARP complexes at Gakona and elsewhere, and
3) permanently disable that Cabal weapons satellite that redirects HAARP beams at selected targets so it is taken out for good.
4) As as fourth JPE component, I will ask JPE participants to send smoothing and healing energy to Gaia/Grandmother Earth at the eastern edge of her Pacific Plate that abuts Japan, so that the pent-up energy and necessary slippage of a portion of that eastern Pacific Plate edge underneath the Okhotsk Plate that Japan rests on may occur as smoothly as possible, and keep after-shocks fewer and more manageable by those topside.

Participants in Monday's Joint Psychic Exercise need to take their need for shielding into consideration. As the psychic guards around the HAARP Complex may well try to psychically repulse them or mess with their minds.

The date and time of the Joint Psychic Exercise is as follows:

this Monday, August 1st

Hawai'ian Islands: 5 am - Monday

Anchorage, Alaska: 7 am

Los Angeles/San Francisco/Vancouver, BC (PDT): 8 am

Denver/Calgary (MDT)/Bogata, Columbia: 9 am

Chicago/Mexico City (CDT): 10 am

Caracas, Venezuela: 11:30 am

New York/Washington, DC/San Juan, Puerto Rico (EDT): 11 am

Halifax, Nova Scotia/Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1:00 pm

Greenwich Mean Time/ (UTC) Universal Coordinated Time: 15:00 hrs. / 3 p.m.

London/Dakar: 5 pm (BST)

Paris/Algiers/Rome/Berlin: 6 pm

Amman, Jordan/Capetown, SA: 6 pm

Moscow/Riyadh/Dubai: 7 pm

New Delhi: 8:30 pm

Beijing/Shanghai/Singapore/Manila/Perth, AU: 11:00 pm, Monday

Tokyo/Seoul: 12 midnight, Monday-Tuesday

Adelaide, AU: 12:30 am Tuesday

Brisbane/Canberra/Sydney, AU: 1 am Tuesday

If you cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can and psychically "jump" forward or backward in time by intention to join up with the Joint Psychic Exercise in progress.

Thank you for your help. .

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor