Thursday, February 9, 2012


Must be nice to have a Cabal always ready, right?

Of course, because our wrongdoings, errors and misbehaviors are never our own responsibility:the Cabal did it..!The cabal makes me wrong…My abused patients are cabalists, and cabalists are Judges, Attorneys, and the whole State of California.

Of course, this is the classic scapegoat method:

Scapegoat Theory: Scapegoat theory is a social psychological term that relates to prejudice. According to this theory, people may be prejudice toward a group in order to vent their anger. In essence, they use the group they dislike as their target for all of their anger…as a vent. One example that has been suggested is the holocaust. According to scapegoat theory, the Germans used the Jews as scapegoats for all of their countries problems, focused all of their anger on the Jews, and allowed their anger and hatred to become an ideology. Some people do not like to blame themselves. They will thus actively seek scapegoats onto whom we can displace our aggression. These may be individuals or even entire groups. Like bullies, we will often pick on powerless people who cannot easily resist.

Scapegoating increases when people are frustrated and seeking an outlet for their anger.

Once cast as a scapegoat it can be difficult to shake off the classification.

Of course, once the Scapegoat (the Cabal in Boylan’s case) is created and imposed to the group, it becomes an universal justification.

But if this is so, the price to pay is high, because scapegoaters must give more and more power to the imaginary evildoers, (The Cabal powers in Boylan’s rhetoric are always growing.)

Needless is to say that this rhetoric never gives any kind of evidence. What the “leader” says is always the truth.

Any doubt will transform you into a cabal, (no evidences against you are needed.)

All those who endured the “Councilor of Earth” mythology and his Cabal-Scapegoat methodology are well aware of this.

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