While it may seem that my inner Team and I have been somewhat quiet over the past several months, we have been quite active behind the scenes (off-line).
    Here is some of what we've been up to.
    The Cabal, sensing that they are starting to lose their grip on power, have recently been engaging in a relentless series of psychic attacks on me and/or on various members on my Team. Even on the kid members of my Team and their siblings and friends.
    These attacks have included trying to induce physical illnesses, body malfunction, hurtful "accidents", mental dysfunction, psychic blocking, inducing false perceptions, stalkings, intimidating surveillance, zapping with psychotronic directed-energy from satellites, airborne planes, or ground psychic howitzers, harassing phone calls, and psy-war abusive emails, etc.
    Every dirty trick in the book.
    It is a tribute to my Team that they stood up under these relentless attacks, which continue.
    Nor has my team been dissuaded from sticking to their Mission, which includes bringing light to where there is darkness, and taking the Cabal down.
    One things that has been a result of these attacks is that each Team member has become much more adept at psychic shielding against these Cabal attacks.
    Mostly these Cabal attacks  have been conducted by dark psychic covens, usually 13 warlocks or witches or combinations, but occasionally a dark-psychic trio or pair.
    In all, so far over the past several months we have been attacked by, and put down, over 40 such Cabal 13-witch covens and smaller groupings.
    In many cases the White Hat government authorities who surveille my Teams' encrypted internal communications have sent in law enforcement to arrest these deactivated Cabal dark psychics on a variety of charges including pedophilia, drugs. illicit money schemes, corruption of minors, outstanding arrest warrants, and/or violation of anti-terrorism laws, etc.
    As best I psychically "read" what is going on, we have taken down the Cabal's top three psychics in the world, and some of their most powerful Covens, as well as many others!  
    The Cabal are pissed! And they are growing weaker.  But they won't admit it.
    But I know indirectly that many Cabal members are getting demoralized and are seeking to get out and evade the punishment that is coming down for the Cabal. Every day or so another Cabal infiltrator quietly unsubscribes from one or other of my on-line Groups and slinks away without a word. They hope not to be caught up in the law enforcement dragnet.
    The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
    Nevertheless my Team's work, and yours, is not yet done. Far from it. We have much left to do to reform and transform our present, still Cabal-infested society into the transformed Fifth World that indigenous shamans prophesied.
    Back to work!      :-)
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC