Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The end of the Reptilian Empire

Again, in some ultra secret and very closed environments, the Initiates are talking abut the Mystery of the Double-headed Serpent and the final days of the Reptilian Empire.
The symbolic connection between serpents and deceit may depend in part on the observation that snakes have forked tongues. A forked tongue is a tongue which has not one end, but two, pointing in different directions. In humans, the tongue is an essential tool in speech, and the presence of only one tip signifies the unity of truthful speech, and corresponds to the unity of the truth itself. There is only one truth, but there are many lies. The forked tongue represents the disunity of deceitful speech.
Of course, a snake with two heads has two forked tongues, and either this symbolizes total deceit, OR on the contrary, it shows the sincerity represented for the number 4, who means generosity, stability and the right path. 
Serpents are associated symbolically with the chthonic cults of subterranean deities.
Chthonic sacrificial rites took place at night time.which often happened at night time. When the sacrifice was a living creature, the animal was placed in a bothros ("pit") or megaron ("sunken chamber").
 Our sources told us that we can expect the Exogeddon, and cryptically insisted that the Dark Stars are propitiously aligned in this Kali Yuga time.