Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alfred Webre and the Iranian "twist"

If you want to know what will you find here, let's just reproduce two paragraphs of Alfred Webre new ideas about Canada. Looks like Alfred is now an ENDOpolitician, not an exopolitician any more. 

"The Canadian prime minister is virtually a dictator, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is an out-and-out Zionist and that is why Canada has become a client state of Israel," he said, speaking from Vancouver. "Canada under the Zionist Stephen Harper is now following the same repressive policies within Canada that Israel follows within its own territories against the Palestinian peoples."

He says Vancouver police and the Hells Angels gang brought politicians to Robert Pickton's farm "to have satanic rituals with the aboriginal women and then killing them on film for snuff films." He also references Queen Elizabeth's 1964 visit in which she "and her concert came and took 10 aboriginal children from the aboriginal school in Kamloops B.C. and they were never seen again."