Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Exopolitical Circus is Open.

Time for the Circus. Everything is ready. Yes..! now you can learn Galactic Diplomacy. Isn't it great?
Dr. Michael Salla is a "pioneer" in Exopolitics.
He has the smile of a snake oil seller. But honest, because when talking about Extraterrestrials, he writes that the ET presence in our planet is JUST AN HYPOTHESIS.
But wait, wait wait a moment. Just tell me how it,s possible to learn galactic diplomacy IF we don't know if the ET exist or not. Besides, we don't know how they are, and IF they are truly interested in Diplomacy.

So, I think that something is very WRONG here.
In his review of Salla's book " Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence", Stefan Isaksson writes:

"Everything we think we know is a hoax, a lie, a cover constructed by different "secret governments" around the world in an attempt to keep the greater mass ignorant about the extraterrestrial existence. Even the most bizarre of bizarre ideas are very possible to Salla. For instance: in the final days of World War II, the German elite, helped by extraterrestrials, fled to the Antarctic and lived in underground bases; the Cold War was a scam that really was all about which super power could gain the most knowledge from the extraterrestrials, the rearmament programme during the Reagan era was initiated in order to build up a defence system against evil extraterrestrials; all sorts of non-Earthlings have infiltrated mankind's many institutions; and the on-going war in Iraq is really about finding ancient extraterrestrial technology buried in the sand since the days of the Sumerians."

You see, it's easy to make some money selling our fictions, particularly IF we accuse the imaginary BIG CONSPIRACY for everything that sounds rational. B.C solves anything.
Forget about truth and please, do not think for a single moment that these people believe in their own rhetoric. Not at all, because they are (or were) intelligent people which cannot be serious about all this nonsense.

Their clients are those who desperately need to believe in something. Bored people that needs hope in something else. People that hate their daily life.

Well, after all, you are free to do with your money what you want.
However, I would think twice before paying for a Course in Galactic Diplomacy... How about waiting to see in the Aliens exist or not before wasting your money? It's up to you, dear friends with Brain.