Monday, May 17, 2010

Open Letter to Doctor Richard Boylan.

Dear Doctor Boylan.
You cannot imagine how much we enjoy your posts and ideas.
Believe us, we take our time to read you, and admire your "charisma” and Wisdom.
Of course we also know that only a limited number of true believers follow your teachings.
Unfortunately, most of them have not enough intelligence to understand the substance of your Ideas concerning the Source, the Altimarians, the Star-nations and now, the subterranean helpers and a curious crystalline entity whose existence you revealed to the World.
Gaia is in good, strong, protective hands.
Particularly we admire your courage. Yes, doctor, because courage is needed to teach all this to kids.
Of course those kids are star/seeds, right Doctor?
We hope that in the school, teachers and other “common” kids will recognize this privilege.
Please Doctor, believe us. We follow your steps and are familiarized with your background.
However, we are not the only ones. There are others also interested in your new cult.
But please, don’t worry about your critics. These ignore how Honest, Decent and Sincere you are.
Have a great day and a better night, Richard.
Give our regards to Fran, Wendy and Asheoma.

The Watchers