Thursday, February 17, 2011


“The last world war was not simply a war fought between the Allies and the Axis or Democracy and Despotism…. It was also the planetary battlefield of Galactic War III, when alien civilizations sponsoring the Nazis and alien civilizations sponsoring the Americans fought once again for control of planet Earth ...while using its unsuspecting armies as pawns in their interstellar conflict.”

The conventional view of the outbreak of World War II is one in which Germany and Japan just happened to emerge as fascist military superpowers at the same time, and decided to join forces and take over the entire world! In this view, it was coincidental that Japan would build an imperial fleet, and become an invincible naval power, and that Germany would simultaneously develop a fearsome Blitzkrieg capability using coordinated air and ground forces.

Even at face value, this hypothesis seems absurd to some.

Such grand historical coincidences rarely occur, and usually turn out the result of meticulous, long-range planning; and that seems to be the case with World War II. Now a growing group of researchers into the circumstances of Hitler’s rise to power, and the sudden, coordinated emergence of militant fascism all over the world, see the roots of World War II in an entirely new and even more disturbing light.

Could it have been decided well in advance at some very high level that Japan would take ever all of Asia and Australia while Germany and Italy would divide up Europe, Russia and North and South America? Were Spain, South Africa and Argentina - already fascist dictate part of the alliance?

Research keys: Salla, Webre, Hess, Weisenheimer, Raelians, Dr. Boylan, Fran (incarnated Estican)These are only some lateral orientations in what new researchers call the Infoweb.Follow link below. Research keys: Salla, Webre, Hess, Weisenheimer, Raelians,

According to researchers in the new school of thought such a division of effort made perfect sense, since domination of Asia required control over vast Pacific Ocean areas that only superior naval forces could handle, while the conquest of the massive continental areas of Europe, Russia and the Americas would necessitate control of the air and huge, highly mechanized, fast-moving armies.

Some are arguing now that there was an invisible hand behind all of this and, moreover, that it wasn't earthly.

Cumulative torrents of information now emerging from insiders seem to indicate that planet Earth may, in fact, be a battleground between extraterrestrial forces - that, indeed, we are right in the middle of a real Star War.