Sunday, February 20, 2011

The "treasonous" Star Nations and Dr.Boylan.

Councilor of Earth and the "treason of the Star Nations"

Councilor of Earth in Therapy?

It's possible if we consider that in the last month or so, the Councilor used to talk in private and very secret meetings, about the "treason of the Star Nations"
Some reliable sources told us that the Councilor of Earth" was seriously depressed and unhappy, after his failure to produce a promised "Star Nations Spatial Show “, forcing the US Administration to disclose what they presumably knew about “aliens" or "extraterrestrials".

Of course, nothing happened until this very moment, and the ex doctor felt that his Space Friends were giving him their backs (if they have backs,) and negotiating with the Cabal, Judge Alfred Webre, Dr. Michael Salla and even Dr. Greer.

An expert on these themes, told us textually that the extraterrestrials will do just what they want to do, without care about feelings and emotions that they do not recognize.