Thursday, June 16, 2011

Richard Boylan new "scarlet woman " and also new "Party Line"

Dr. Richard Boylan’s ways are mysterious, but it looks like he is renewing his small court.

The new figure is a girl known as Grace & Humility , but this is only a cover up. She is Councilor of Earth Secretary of Commerce. She was in control of the last workshop finances and also she was tha brain behind the disastrous Eye of Horus badge operation. (Light warriors buying the symbol of most of the darkest secret societies, including the Cabal and Illuminati, of course.)

But anyway Linda is the new “scarlet woman”, and she posted a wise interpretation of the things said by the Supreme: Councilor of Earth Richard Boylan. See below.

The new “Party Line”seems to be less Star Nations talk and more personal responsibility. In other words, do it yourselves and forget the Star Nations: as you know, they are NEVER READY for the Big Show.

By the Way, a source close to Boylan´s entourage told us that Fran is doing her own movements, looking for something else, more important, more spiritual, and of course she has good karma and a clean background, not like the self proclaimed past of ¨hot tube therapies¨, female patients ´abuses, and lost licenses.

Follows Linda Solley message and new ¨party line¨.



Thank you for posting this. So many have fallen for the Planet X/Nibiru/Marduk lie.


It is so very important to filter all information that you come across through your heart center. There are a lot of dark/Cabal clairvoyant/mediums that have been planted with in the metaphysical community. Some of them may seem of pure heart at first. You will know their information and their heart is not pure or of the Light once you filter their words or information through your "own" heart center.

Truth stated, the Transition from 4th to 5th World has begun just as Councillor has shared. And it started a while ago. The 5th World will not happen over night or without any passion/work from us Light warriors. You can not just sit ring side and wait for the show to begin. You must "Move" as my guides the Council of SHI have stated. (Not move from where you currently reside. They mean make changes within our society and our government(s) in a productive way.)

Move to make the changes that need to be made so that the Truth is finally revealed.

The time of doing nothing and waiting for the neighbor or person across town to do things for you so that your voice can be heard or so that the government reveals the truth about Star Visitors is over.

YOU my brothers and sisters, you must make the changes.

You have the power to stand together and in a positive and productive way gather and speak as One so that your voices can be heard by those whom keep truth from you.

Many ask when will the government finally tell us all they know about Star Visitors?

When will the Star Visitors make them selves known to us?

We ask, how fast can you move to make the changes that need to be made so that your government will speak Truth.

Earth and Humanity must go through these changes.

What would Humans learn if we did everything for you?

We can not and will not live your life for you.

We will not experience your journey for you for that is yours to live and experience.

When your President Obama and other world leaders reveal all there is to be shared, all truth, that day will be a glorious day for the Whole.

Love, Peace, & Light,

~Linda Solley