Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011 7:58 PM
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Here is my report on my and my Inner Team's activities during our Monday, June 27 Joint Psychic Exercise to disempower the Cabal's foremost psy-ops unit on American soil, the USAF 544th Intelligence Group at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO.
You were not provided advance notice of this Joint Psychic Exercise because it was important not to give Hensley and his crew any advance notice. We wanted them all present at headquarters where they could be dealt with as a group.
The 544th is actually a Cabal psy-ops attack unit. Colonel Thomas Hensley, the 544th's commander, has 67 personnel under him.
Hensley is a Satanist and a psychopathic sexual-sadist pedophile. He has an insatiable appetite for pre-pubescent little girls, which is how the Cabal controls him and feeds him.
In Satanic fashion, he has 12 other strong psychics arrayed around him to form the traditional Satanic working group (coven) of 13. Hensley of course fancies himself as the most powerful psy-ops psychic of the 13.
In addition, he has a personal guard of 7 persons, who combine martial arts with psychic abilities.
He also has 3 other psychics whom he tells they are "special".
The 544th Group also has an additional 22 psychological-warfare specialists.
Hensley is extremely manipulative, and compartmentalizes the 544th into cells, each of which is unaware of what the other is doing.
There are 22 other unit personnel whom Hensley assures they are doing important work but whom he actually uses as guinea pigs to test new psy-ops techniques on.
On Monday, 27 June at 6:00 MDT (Colorado Springs), 8 pm EDT, and 00:00 GMT/UTC, my team and I collectively did a psychic incursion upon Colonel Hensley and his 67 operatives of the 544th.
Several of us focused on his sadistic pedophilia and implanted extremely strongly into his consciousness the ideas: 1) he no longer can experience sexual arousal; 2) when he sees a little girl, his body becomes impotent; 3) he feels an aversion to females entirely. (Hensley is a homophobe so there was no risk of his simply switching sex preference.)
I also took the pain he inflicted on his child victims and redirected it back at Hensley, with particular attention to his sensitive areas.
It is foreseen that Hensley's sadism, having no sexual outlet, will quickly escalate into how he treats the others in the 544th Group. Which will lead to further chaos.
I also directed psychic-incursion energy to the rest of the 544th Group of psychic attackers on innocent people. .
In addition, I fashioned and directed pain-loop feedbacks to the other psy-warfare operators who have been remotely torturing innocent people, allowing the operatives to intensely feel themselves the mind and body horrors they had been directing at others.
These Cabal psychics/psy-warfare operatives are not as strong as they like to think, and they rely on directed energy from psychotronic equipment to add to their psychic bombardments. So I set to destroy that psychotronic equipment by sending into it huge surges of electrical overload power, as well as counter-rotating, rapidly-altering magnetic fields. The equipment thus become fried, and its delicate electronics turned to magnetic mush.
I then turned to the unit's general electrical equipment such as security monitors, computers, transmitting equipment, etc. and similarly overloaded them, with the direct pyrokinetic intention of causing them to burst into flames everywhere.
Finally, I directed attention to the surrounding desert range and focused on setting sagebrush upwind afire to cover the 544th unit buildings with smoke and further add to the confusion and chaos.
Others on my Team decided to also surround Hensley and his dark minnions with such intense Light that they were overwhelmed, with nowhere to hide.
The after-analysis from various Team members is that Hensley and his Cabal psy-ops unit are all through and out of business.
We all honor the role which Source and Star Nations and various spiritual avatars took in lending support to our operation to reduce the toll of Cabal scum presence on our Earth.
The disempowering of Hensley's unit means the Cabal psychic harassment of people will be diminished
I encourage other lightworkers to engage in any mopping-up actions which they care to do after the fact.
We must not stop til all the Cabal's psychics and other evil-doers are stopped.
in the light,