Sunday, September 25, 2011

For Richard Boylan everybody is "cabal" and now also she-male..!

We know already the basic paranoid obsessions of the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth. Cabal is everywhere, is omnipotent, can stop and produce earthquakes and of course knows how to mislead the Mind of the Councilor Boylan and even the one of the Star Nations Estican Mantis.

However, not all is said, and there is a new obsession at work.

Those who are condemned as disguised cabals by Richard Boylan, are now also she-males..!

But…what this means? What can we read in this new concept?

It’s easy. The presumed powers of “psychic readings “of Mister Richard Boylan

(Who is always wrong, ) are inexistent and he is not even able to define the sex of the excommunicated “cabals”. He doesn’t even know if the imaginary cabal is a man or a woman, consequently, he defined her or him as a she-male.

These kinds of insults are not new: when Boylan lost his license for abuses against female patients, he define these poor women with these words:

"The traumatized experiencers I counseled were...

(frankly) homely, grossly obese, lesbian, poor or welfare-dependent substance-abusers."
-Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.