Sunday, September 11, 2011

Richard Boylan against the "Star-Nations"

In those times, for Richard Boylan the ET Encounter Syndrome was a VERY NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE...( He was not yet COUNCILOR OF EARTH. He was into Hot Tube Therapy.) This is what he wrote about Close Encounters.

"Close Extraterrestrial Encounter Syndrome (CEES) is an Adjustment Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DSM 309.9): a reaction to a close extraterrestrial encounter (CEE), remembered or repressed into the unconscious, which substantially alters patterns of daily living or social relationships in a mildly disorienting or unsettling way, and has four or more of the following 20 associated symptoms. these symptoms may include:

  1. Repeated anxiety/unexplained restlessness after an anomalous event, (such as one involving nocturnal lights, viewing a UFO, a sense of a foreign presence in the house, or an unexplained detour from one’s ordinary driving route);
  2. Phobic reaction to phenomena consciously or unconsciously associated with a CEE, (such as an accurate sketch of an extraterrestrial face);
  3. Repeated sleep disturbances or nightmares with UFO/ET themes;
  4. Obsessional “Dreams” or daytime thinking about UFOs, ETs or CEES;
  5. Compulsive behavior (e.g., reading) concerning the UFO topic;
  6. Unexplained moodiness/irritability after an anomalous UFO/encounter incident
  7. Preoccupation with body symptoms/marks associated with a CEE (such as tiny scoop marks, or laser scars which don’t bleed or hurt and which heal very quickly, or inexplicable bruises noted upon wakening consistent with an extraterrestrial hand grip, or episodic ringing in one ear, or other episodic resonance vibrations felt in a particular body site, such as the upper nasal sinus cavity or the occipital lobe region of the brain);
  8. Experiencing an unexplainable, substantial period of “missing time” following an anomalous incident, (such as being paced at night by a “car” with a single powerful headlight, or sitting down after dinner to watch television, immediately noticing an unusual pattern on the screen, and “waking up” at 9:00 the next morning unable to remember having watched TV or going to bed, etc.);
  9. The sudden, unexplained onset of feelings of social non-ordinariness (i.e., that one is out of sync with the world, or that the world no longer seems as it used to);
  10. Cosmic awareness (thinking about the Earth as a living whole, instead of confining one’s perspective to neighborhood or town or country; or thinking about the Earth as just one among many inhabited planets) which enters with unusual frequency into one’s daytime thinking;
  11. Suddenly feeling an affinity for CEE experiencers one reads about or hears interviewed on television, or feeling a strong attraction to extraterrestrials as somehow familiar;
  12. A sense of receiving telepathic messages or repeated gifted intuitions, presumably from an extraterrestrial source;
  13. A sense of one’s mindspace being episodically entered into and shared with an extraterrestrial being;
  14. The onset of or marked increase in, psychic/ESP ability, (such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, or telekinesis);
  15. Onset of attraction for a spiritually or religious practice based on the in-dwelling of the Supreme Source in all nature, and resultant reverence for all lifeforms as related;
  16. Sense of longing for the primary-contact Extraterrestrial one has dealt with during one or more Encounters;
  17. An obsessive sense of having a mission (clear, vague or unconscious) derived from the CEE, and related to the extraterrestrials’ messages;
  18. A sense of strong “pull” to travel to a specific area, either with an intuition of an impending close encounter there, or for an unknown reason, (which turns out to be a CEE);
  19. Having an extraterrestrial perspective to the Earth’s situation, or feeling a genetic heritage partially derived from extraterrestrial sources, or having a sense of having come from off-planet, or having somehow had an extraterrestrial as one parent;
  20. Sense of one’s destiny as off-planet, or feeling a “pull” to go “home” to an extraterrestrial planet one was shown by the ET’s, or to “rejoin fellow” extraterrestrials elsewhere in the galaxy. READ MORE FOLLOWING LINK