Sunday, January 1, 2012

UFO Phenomenon and the New World Order.

The UFO phenomenon has three separate yet related aspects:

1) It produces real material-world events, detectable by radar and sometimes leaving behind physical traces;

2) It is a psychic phenomenon that profoundly alters the consciousness of those exposed to it;

3) It is apparently surrounded by deception activities which mimic it, produced by human groups. We tend to consider these elements as mutually exclusive, but they're not; all three are explainable by demonic activity and invocation.

Demons are subtle beings who can temporarily materialize themselves and various objects in this world, but who cannot remain on our material plane for very long.

And the deception activities of human groups, besides being attempts to piggyback on a phenomenon that the deceivers didn't originate and can't control, may be designed not simply to imitate the "aliens" to influence mass belief, but to actually invoke them.

This suggests the possibility that elements of the intelligence community and various arcane technologists are involved in Satanism.

Magicians have always known that they could produce paranormal phenomena through autosuggestion; then, in the early 20th century, as studies of the effects of propaganda in the "radio age" became better known, they reasoned that if changing their own consciousness could produce local manifestations of the preternatural, changing the consciousness of the masses could produce global ones.

According to French metaphysician René Guénon, fissures are now starting to appear in the "great wall" separating the material world from the subtle-energy dimension, home to those entities that we regard as "extra-terrestrial entities".

Father Seraphim Rose, in Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, citing many of the Eastern Orthodox saints and the Greek Fathers, draws many exact parallels between the UFO phenomenon and the experiences of the early Christian saints with the demonic powers.

I believe that the powers that be are playing a game of both debunking the reality of UFOs and covertly planting evidence of their reality as a method of mass mind-control, using a technique I call "subliminal contradiction."


The Disclosure Movement has many sponsors who have military or intelligence backgrounds. It is dedicated to pressuring the government to come clean on what it knows about alien contact. Apparently this is what government wants them to do.

And members of the Exopolitics Movement believe that they are in ongoing, diplomatic communication with the aliens. When I contacted the Exopolitics Institute in Hawaii, founded by Dr. Michael Salla, who once received a Ford Foundation grant and was connected with the Center for Global Peace at the American University in D.C., and asked if they were in touch with an extraterrestrial organization like the Intergalactic Council the hippies believed in, he said "yes".

Then I asked him if 2-way communication was ongoing between the Institute and the extraterrestrials; he said "yes". Then I asked him by what means; "telepathy", he answered.

Another example of demonic invocation: Pioneer rocket scientist Jack Parsons was a follower of black magician Aleister Crowley and an associate of L. Ron Hubbard, another follower of Crowley, who founded the Church of Scientology and had a background in Naval Intelligence.

Parsons identified himself with Antichrist, dedicated himself to the destruction of Christianity, claimed to have met a "Venusian" in the Mojave Desert, performed Pagan rituals at his launching, and went on to co-found the Aerojet Corporation and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He produced some of the first designs for the Pentagon; a crater was named after him on the dark side of the Moon.


1) A mere 24 hours after Arnold Dahl made one of the first major post-WWII sightings of UFOs in Washington State in 1947, he was visited by a "man in black" who told him to forget what he saw. A meeting was then arranged between him and another UFO sighter, Kenneth Arnold (who coined the term "flying saucer") in a hotel room; soon afterwards a covertly taped transcript of their meeting was sent anonymously to the UPI. How could such a well-designed plan to exploit their reactions to those sightings have been put into action so soon after the events themselves? Only if those events were either anticipated or produced by the planners.

2) The book Challenges of Change (2008) by "retired NORAD officer" Stanley A. Fulham, supposedly based on revelations made by an "intelligence officer connected with NORAD" of a great deal of UFO information that has been kept secret from the public by the U.S. government, predicted that UFOs would appear in the skies above earth's cities on Oct. 13 of 2010. The UFOs dutifully appeared, right on schedule (you can see the videos on YouTube).

3) Anecdote: Someone admitted to an American Air Force base catches a glimpse of an object resembling a UFO through an open hangar door. As soon as he sees it, the door is closed and he is told "You weren't supposed to see that". Then, a few days later, the "men in black" arrive at his house, threatening reprisals if he tells anyone what he saw. This is a
classic case of psychological manipulation, where an event that might have made little impression on him suddenly, through the use of terror, assumes the status of a dark revelation: "If these people are desperate enough to threaten to harm me or my family if I reveal what I know, THEN

4) Retired astronaut Edgar Mitchell (a Freemason), in a 2008 interview, made a "startling new revelation" about UFOs, claiming that the U.S. government has been trying to hide their existence for years but that the truth finally leaked out despite their best efforts and revealed that he had been briefed by the Pentagon on several occasions that the UFO phenomenon is real and the government is in ongoing contact with the extraterrestrials. Why would the Pentagon reveal information to him that they hoped would never be made public when, judging by his past statements, he was all but certain to make it public, as he in fact did? Mitchell has a long-standing involvement in paranormal research; he was the one who welcomed Uri Geller to the Stanford Research Institute.


1) Red Planet Mars (1952), directed by Harry Horner and produced by Anthony Veiller, who worked on government propaganda films during the war, presents Jesus as a Martian and messages from Mars as sparking a world religious revival.

2) In the UFO documentary Area 51 (1997), in a supposed video of a UFO, the object is described by the narrator as entering the field of vision "from the lower right", whereas the actual image we see is in the upper half of the screen. This disconnect between word and image is one form of "subliminal contradiction". If the viewer accepts both the message received by his eyes and the opposite message received through his ears unconsciously, without noting the contradiction, his critical faculties are at least partially disabled and he becomes highly receptive to suggestion.

3) A nuclear physicist named Jack Sarfatti, a colleague of Uri Geller, and also of psychic investigator Andrija Puharich who advised the Pentagon on the paranormal--Sarfatti was involved in the "remote viewing" experiments at the Stanford Research Institute (a group that also studied the powers of Geller), experiments that involved the U.S. Army, the CIA, the
NSA, the DIA and the National Security Council--on one occasion introduced Uri Geller to Steven Spielberg, producer of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


The purpose behind this mass mind-control plan may have been revealed by General Douglas MacArthur in a speech to the cadets at West Point on May 12,1962:

"We deal now, not with the things of this world alone, but with the illimitable distances and as yet unfathomed mysteries of the universe.... of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy; of such dreams and fantasies as to make life the most exciting of all times. And through all this welter of change and development your mission remains fixed, determined, inviolable. It is to win our wars."

Apparently the ultimate goal served by the creation of a mass belief in extra-terrestrials is to create a One-World Government by uniting the peoples of the Earth against a (real or imagined) common enemy--and if a united earth is the goal of such propaganda and mind control, then it stands to reason that such a massive social engineering campaign is directed by a power bloc that transcends the national governments.

by Charles Upton