Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Logical Fallacies of Michael Salla.

One of the best charlatan's weapons is the fallacy known as Non Causa Pro Causa.

This is the most general fallacy of reasoning to conclusions about causality. Some authors describe it as inferring that something is the cause of something else when it isn't, an interpretation encouraged by the fallacy's names.

Sample: The Pope renounces. Lighting strikes the Vatican. Now, the art of the charlatan, the "prophet "and the snake oil seller is to make people believe that different evens are in some way associated and thus have some special, esoteric meaning.

That is what the well known exopolitician does in the linked article.

This Non Causa Pro Causa fallacy is the source of all superstitions and predictive nonsense.

But for critical Ufologists, these occultist nonsense shows that Exopoliticians and pseudo-scientists, have NOTHING MORE TO SAY.