Saturday, November 19, 2011

Richard Boylan: "cabal is responsible for my insults, wrong predictions and false accusations."

Our comments to Sheri message in bold, italic.



Sheri Gould <>;



Dear Councillor,


When you took Maria Edith off of the UFOFacts subscriber list, I was just totally shocked.  I began questioning my own protection, because Maria Edith, along with Peter, Linda, Fran, June, the Cetacean Nation and the Inner Earth People were (and continue to be) holders of the harmonic resonance for Gaia during the JPE we did in dealing with the HAARP situation.  I just kept shaking my head in disbelief, as Mother Mary/Isis are part of my protection team, and have been since I started meditating sometime around 45 years ago. I just could not believe that I "saw" my vision incorrectly.

 How amazing this is. Sheri saw while the Councilor was blind. But more important are the consequences of this "mistake" of the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth. Let's see:

1) Maria Edith saw the Truth, while the Councilor of Earth didn't.

2) If what Boylan said about the hypothetic cabal manipulation of energy signatures is true, then you can never know when the self proclaimed Councilor is right or wrong.

3) The brutal insults against innocent people are a hard lesson. Any of you can become the new cabalist, she-male, drug-addict and who knows what else..!


 So, that said,  I am SO happy to hear that Maria Edith, along with Gracie and Mary Ann will hopefully come back as subscribers. I also want to thank you, Councillor, for your steadfastness throughout all this, and as you learn new techniques of shielding, so do we also.  :)  Thank you!  BE Love & Light, Sheri

4) In the future, any wrong doing, any insult, any accusation can be justified making the cabal responsible.

5) Same thing can be done with wrong predictions and statements: If they are wrong, is the Cabal responsibility. If they are right is the "Councilor".

6) Question: how many people will believe all this nonsense?