Monday, January 24, 2011

Richard Boylan calls Alfrede Webre "a cabal operative"

War between ufological sects is more and more serious each day. Now, Richard Boylan,
self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, calls Alfred Webre a "cabal operative".
See below.

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This is Cabal disinformation, more cleverly packaged than usual.
Though I do not speak Mandarin Chinese, from what is presented on screen, the following can be deduced.
That Chinese news station features sensationalistic stories.
The station's news editor mistook a piece of American Cabal disinformation for a real news story.
That American Cabal disinformation is a lying story written by Cabal operative Alfred Webre and featured on Webre's disinformation blog disguised as a newspaper, "The Examiner". (sic).
Webre's story claims that "China says that President Obama is about to declare UFO reality" (sic). That statement is false. It is hallmark Webre false propaganda, which specializes in splashy false stories about the UFO subject.
Then another Cabal operative who calls himself "ufohunter16903" gets a news clip of a Chinese news station which fell for Webre's fake "Examiner" story and broadcast it, then he writes a headline "National Chinese Media Reports UFO Disclosure by Obama", and puts his handiwork on YouTube where many will see it and, not knowing Chinese, assume that the headline is telling the truth.
Now that is some diabolically-clever packaging of disinformation.
But, be not deceived.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC