Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tha Imaginary Cabal, A Dark Obsession.

UFOfacts, Richard Boylan's yahoo group, should change it's name, becoming CABALfacts.
The self proclaimed councilor of Earth has no other theme than the Cabal. In the end, the only one that doesn't belong to the cabal is him.
Cabal is everywhere. Cabal kills and controls and owns the world in the obsessive conspirationism of the self proclaimed.
If he believes in what he says, he needs a doctor as soon as possible.
The imaginary shadow government controls all. Every evil action is cabal. Anyone who dares to question something is cabal.
Posts about protection from the cabal are repeated again and again.
In the meantime, there is no Big StarNations show. NOTHING HAPPENS.
Light? Fifth World? Disclosure? Love?
No time for all this in CABALfacts, of course. The whole effort is directed to the cabal. That is how obsessions work. Obsessions however, have little to do with Light. Obsessions are dark and dangerous.