Friday, January 7, 2011

The self proclaimed Councilor of Earth Richard Boylan' s new ultimatum.

The self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, and Star Nations ambassador at large Richard Boylan, gives a new "ultimatum" to human authorities.
Message included below:




A check of CNN, MSNBC, and Reuters news websites makes it pretty evident that the White House has not given out any news release related to publicly acknowledging UFO reality.
Therefore, the U.S. Administration has failed to comply with its Agreement with Star Nations to publicly acknowledge UFO reality in 2010, which just finished.
Neither has Administration staff complied with President Obama's Executive Order to his staff to prepare public statements acknowledging UFO reality by last year's end.
Why the President has allowed this Executive Order to not be complied with is not clear.
What is known is that Cabal elements within the Administration (including in the Secretary of State's office) have made extreme efforts and conducted elaborate deceptions to prevent the UFO Cover-Up from coming to an end.
The President is not even due back in the White House until late Tuesday, January 4.
After he returns, he faces the prospect, sometime during the early part of 2011, of Star Nations crafts making such unmistakable displays of presence over the skies of U.S. locales, that they will necessitate the White House's addressing the issue.
If I may use colloquial speech to characterize Star Nations' present position, "Mr. President, we can do this the easy way or the hard way."
The easy way would be for President Obama to promptly chew out his staff for not complying with his Executive Order and then do something like task Press Secretary Gibbs to prepare a statement for a press corps briefing right away on some simple beginning admission, such as "new evidence surfacing" pointing to the Roswell Crash being extraterrestrial. To be followed by additional public acknowledgments about UFO matters.
The hard way would be for the Administration to continue to temporize until one day reporters storm into the White House Press Briefing Room and demand a statement from the President about a formation of starcraft that was hovering low over an American city for an hour or more.
Star Nations has publicly stated their pledge that if the U.S. Administration did not stop the UFO Cover-Up and begin immediately cooperating with Star Nations' representative on Earth, the Councillor of Earth, to plan an orderly release of information about what the government knows about UFOs/Star Visitors, that the Star Visitors would begin a series of highly-visible, increasingly-dramatic displays-of-presence over major U.S. population centers until the U.S. government simply can't avoid any longer admitting to its people that UFOs are real and Star Visitors are in contact with the U.S. (and other) governments.
Which will it be: the Easy Way, or the Hard Way?
We shall see.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.