Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Dr.Boylan forgot what we had been discussing."

The TRUTH about Richard Boylan.

J. Holland Smiley

Good point Fran... Here's the part of the message that "A" didn't include but maybe you already know. I have had some discussions with Dr B off list. And I dont think that its the same person responding. Like I said, either who ever responded for Dr B either hadnt read any of the prior conversation or completely forgot what we had been discussing. Another point to consider is from a psychological perspective (kind of my speciality) "he" really goes off the deep end and immediately accuses someone of being "cabal" if they have a different view than him or disagree with him. Views, beliefs etc are subjective based off of (in my case) personal experience. This in and of itself, suggest some deep rooted issues of superiority. Even experts have to remain open minded enough to learn more. Just so you know, I'm not "cabal" though maybe a recruit for the real "illuminati" not the dark imposters ... I believe they have a rite to their views. The same way the people of UFOFacts have a rite to their own....ya dig?