Monday, May 2, 2011

Natalie Hills tells the Truth about Richard Boylan.


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From: Natalie Hills

Sent: 05/02/11 10:19 PM

Fran asks me what I wan. Below you will find my answer and also the message of Fran, the incarnated mantis, to my demmands.
Of course insults and denial are what they can give. What else?
You, people MUST believe that the whole California Court, Newspapers, TV, Professional organizations and personal opinions are a conspiracy. A Cabal conspiracy.
The Councilor of Earth is pure and cast, whe never abused her female patients. He is the legal Councilor of Earth. He is always right when those who he dislikes are concdemned as cabals. He is always right when he promises us massive Star Nations shows. He is right when he speaks of the forgotten altimarians, cleaning our environment. He is right when he says that I am a she-male and am cabal and dark as the Ace of Swords and have a depraved belly aching.( this is from Fran...)
I invite you to do RESEARCH. I invite you to read carefully the improper messages sent to the "star kids".
But do not limit yourselves to that research: ask yourselves what is R.Boylan giving you in UFOfacts and StarKidsHangout, other than hate, paranoia and suspiction.


Dear Fran this is what is wanted from him.

1) Recognition of his lies and errors.
2) Recognition that his accusations are unsubstantiated.
3) Recognition of his wrong doing and abuses against female patients.


Fran writes this:


Natalie... the court ruled by the elite cabal have done their worst to him as far as this recognition is concerned that you CRAVE for your own selfish ego. They have dragged him though s---. Aside from the physical assaults he has endured and survived from. Suffered financial compared to some of these high payed morons that charge BIG $$$$$ for their appearances to shoot off their mouth about garbage.

*** LEAVE THE MAN ALONE*** You would probably prefer that he die too while you are at it wouldn't you??? Forget about it! He has more honorable work to do compared to your depraved belly aching.

*** Let us look at it this way... shall we?? If I'm wrong.. then I owe the Biggest, Hugest M-F apology of all time. And yes, I have read the lame court files, news briefings, and yada, yada, yada... and they say nothing but, tantilizing garbage. And THE MAN WAS ATTACKED BECAUSE OF WHAT HE FOUND OUT AND LEARNED ABOUT STAR BEINGS AND THEIR CRAFT AND LET IT BE KNOWN TO THE PEOPLE. The power elite used Taggert to use SEX to take him -Boylan- down to pay for noting the people of what he learned.

4) End the manipulation of children through his StarKidsHangout yahoo group.

Give me 1 -one example of manipulation on that group list??? Just one! Otherwise get a life!



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From: Fran Obsidian Harris

Sent: 05/02/11 04:06 PM

To: Natalie Hills

Subject: Re: About Richard Boylan.

So what do you want from him??
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 3:57 PM
Subject: About Richard Boylan.
The man who is also ready to condemn others...the man of Light and Source. The Councilor of Earth.

About Richard Boylan.


· Legal Findings Against Richard Boylan: Licenses Revoked (PSY-10047)

· California Superior Court: Subsequent Ruling Against Boylan

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· Sacramento Union: Sexual Misconduct in Bizarre Psychologist Malpractice Suit

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· KCRA News: Negligence and Sexual Misconduct -- A Danger to Other Patients

· FOX 40 News: Case is About Gross Negligence, Not Extraterrestrials

· Hathaway: Former Member of Boylan's CE-IV UFO Cult Blows Whistle on "Father Boylan"

· Stewart: No Evidence to Support Boylan's "Government Harrassment" Ploy for Money, Support, and Sympathy from the UFO Community

· PRNewswire: Psychologist Boylan Encourages Young Children to Trust Paedophiles

· Feminist Alert: Psychologist Boylan Publicly Defames His Patients, Calling Them "Homely, Grossly Obese, Lesbian. Poor or Welfare-Dependent Substance Abusers"

· Lindemann's CNI News: Richard Boylan Stripped of Licenses

· UFOlogist Velez: Boylan is Raving Paranoid Lunatic

· Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. - "Reptoid Hugger"

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