Saturday, May 14, 2011

Richard Boylan and White Hats

Dr. J. Holland is right. Total Transparency is what's needed. Until now, we didn't give his name at all. Only his ideas. But here is what he thinks about Boylan, White Hats, etc. Please read. Time for TRUTH is always NOW. J. Holland is a member of UFOfacts.

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From: J. Holland Smiley <>
Date: Mon, May 9, 2011 at 2:56 AM
Subject: some time ago...

hey buddy! sometime ago you had asked me how I came to my views. 1st, I'm a personal experiencer of "unexplained phenomenon". Usually, I've found that the old saying "it takes one to know one" holds true & Richard isnt one. Besides, I've had a few "off list" discussions with him & either different people are responding or he cant remember what he says sometimes. He contradicts himself almost consistantly and I wonder why no one else catches on? Those "handlers" that I mentioned, are those so called "white hats" that provide him with info. The funny thing is that most UFO groups post this same info the same day. So it all seems to come from the same source within the military intellegencia. So at this point, having known what I've experienced, what other true experiences have it all seems that this is just another plot to confuse, intimidate, and fleece weak minded people out of $. But thats just all my opinion. All for now, blessings of truth, love & life...