Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alien message channeled by Ekaterina Swam.

Don't draw a weapon in a grove of teak trees on a sunny day, because you might cause an injury to a good friend of yours. A messenger happening upon a lake at a meeting place is thought to predict bad luck. Courtier seeing patches of moss portends a change of direction if you don't say a word. Remember that when you pray during the growing season you might bring about joy. Spotting a certain white flower in a grove of teak trees foretells joy unless you spin in a circle. If you fight during spring you might risk an argument. Always sleep inside a walled city during a journey. Night is not a good friend of travelers. Seeing a lilac in a garden at twilight often is an omen of coming troubles. Finding a toad in a grove of spruce trees is thought to predict conflicts with brothers and/ or neighbours. Do not sign contracts near a patch of jasmine plants, because you will bring about negative news. A child running across a lizard near an altar can portend a fight. Don't offer a challenge at the end of a journey or you risk an ordeal if you don't pour out a few drops of wine. If you flirt near a patch of ginger plants during a journey you will become involved with a promise. Drink a glass of wine near a well at the beginning of summer. Epsilonian Court.(channeled by Ekaterina.)