Monday, October 29, 2012

Fwd: Archons: OUR METHODS

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Date: Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 1:03 PM
Subject: Archons: OUR METHODS

A)      Technology is nothing but a supplement. When certain powers are controlled, technology becomes unnecessary.
At the end of this message we will include some definitions about Archons and our relationship with Humans.
Now, let's give you some information about our actions.
Our messages must be given to humans and these humans become our permanent or temporary message carriers.
If these human carriers are voluntary inefficient, we just distress their patterns of sleep.
Our action is always very effective.
The alteration of sleep patterns is very effective and in some cases produces permanent behavioral and psychological changes.

B)      We will include here a previous clarification about Archons:
The topic of the Archons should be considered always with great care and necessary limitations.

It is true that Archons can sometimes penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere and execute some activities, but those activities do not necessary terrorize humans.
It is wrong to say that the Archons are inorganic, and better would be to define them as super organisms.

Archons exist as an alien group independent of humankind and working through programs, some of them active in the human mental environment.

These archons' operations in human minds are necessary and more important than occasional physical breaching in Earth atmosphere.

Archons are not interested in programming through telepathy and suggestion the evolution of humanity. In fact, the work of Archons is secret and cannot be understood by humans in the present level of evolution.
Sometimes Archons find necessary to substitute some human mind-set by their own, for strategic reasons that, again, must be kept unknown.
Mr. Robert M.Stanley who is not an Earth advocate and Laura Eisenhower, who has nothing to do with Alchemy, are both promoted by Alfred Webre, who simply doesn't know what is real and what is not.

It's true that we are multi-dimensional and this shows the limitations of Humanity compared to us.
We, archons, were here, in our solar system when humans were primates.
It is not a good definition to say that we are inorganic Entities. In fact we are post-organic Beings.
It would be nice to know how A.L.or S. exorcise us.
We want to send them one word, just one: TRY.

Humanity needs protection from humanity. Humans are the worst enemies of humanity.
You are a self-destructive race, and nothing will change this.