Wednesday, October 17, 2012

UFO Phenomenon: a different perspective.

We must consider this possibility, even if it deconstructs the ufological mythology. We live now in the era of the bad aliens, with new memes winning the minds and the hate of the true-believers. The archons are at the moment the villains. The Hawaiian doctor, who in better times opposed what he called the demonization of the ETs, invented the concept of the Military Industrial Extraterrestrial idea. Bad aliens are the new style. Even Alfred Webre, totally seduced by Andy Bassiago time-jumping, denounces the archons and demand excommunication proceeds. Then we have the disclosure activists. As you know, they work hard selling a fantasy: that the government knows a lot about Extraterrestrials and keeps a giant conspiracy going to keep these Gov. ET. close relations secret. All this of course is just selling the show, keeping the market alive. Some of exo-gurus, perhaps because their severe Cognitive Dissonance, become insane. Others like Andy, eat too much. However, let’s consider what follows: Perhaps that 5 % of UFOs that remain unidentified, are something “alien”. Perhaps that UFOs that are not meteorites, helicopters, hoaxes, planet Venus or Planet Jupiter or even fantasies, are something else and also are here from the beginning of time. What happens then? Contact? Communication? No, of course not, because communication with some totally different forms of life is impossible and will be impossible and perhaps undesirable. So, the others know this. We should know also this. My cat looks TV. I know however that never, never he will be able to understand what TV is. My cat doesn't even try. I do not try. Of course I know that probably we will never go and visit our cosmic friends or foes and we know that they will never come here. If they do, they are will never be able to say “Hello” and we will never be able to say “Welcome”. Do not worry, because until now, there is not single evidence or even hint that there is life out there. Let us enjoy the mystic experience of listening to the no-sounds of that Void we call Universe. Let us contemplate the night sky and enjoy the feeling of absolute cosmic loneliness. You cannot even imagine how enlightening this cosmic loneliness is. I hope, I truly hope that others can enjoy this magnificent epiphany. Fraternally Tomas Scolarici