Friday, November 23, 2012

Archons new message about War and Peace

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From: <>
Date: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Subject: Our new message

Archons do not generate wars. Humans do. Human greed and human prejudices produce wars.
We on the contrary work our agenda from the side of life, pleasure, enjoyment, intelligence, science and power.
We are not destroying your planet. You are doing such thing.
We are not killing you, but you are your own murderers. .
Traditional, civilized Romans were more intelligent than the modern man, and were friendly with us, Archons.
Now, we want to talk with you, only with you who are intelligent and wise enough to understand us.
II you agree with what we say, send this message to others.
Robert Stanley, author of Covert Encounters over Washington, DC, has release a statement about archons stating,  "It is time to expose the covert controllers of mankind. I assure you this is not speculation, a hoax, or the figment of peoples' imagination. These parasitic creatures are real and they need to be dealt with immediately so mankind can evolve to the next level of existence."
As usual, humans while killing and maiming, look for some non-human justification for their crimes.
This is not only false but delusive.
Truth is humanity is in state of involution, in the final cycle of never ending wars. This is so because of the asymmetrical confrontations between different countries, sects of political factions.
As we informed before, Archons are contacting 500 individuals. The consequences of these contacts are very positive.