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I have been asked to write something on my perspective
about all this. At the end of this, I am incl. some notes
excerpted from my earlier posts, in no particular order
but incl. ideas of some relevance to all this. At the end
is material from other posts. 

Here's what I think, after decades of sorting stuff out.

Flesh and blood aliens may exist. By that I mean things with
no human ancestry except for hybridization at some point, but
whose base material is not earth originate or not human originate.

This does not prove evolution if it is found, more like the opposite.
Evolution is such a crapshoot, even by evolutionary theory, that
it is not likely to happen very often. So finding independently originated
life would support the idea of a Creator rather than blind evolution.

However, another scenario would be that all life originated on Earth,
and because of lost high tech civilization perhaps only pre Flood
perhaps also later, life at least intelligent life, went offworld and
for whatever reason changed radically.

If the aliens were separately evolved, they should not be able
to hybridize with us, yet there are reports of exactly that. 

If they were separately created, as variant form of made in 
the image and likeness of YHWH, to be managers on their
worlds, then it might be expected they would be generically
compatible with us and capable of fertile hybridization with
us, because eventually we would meet, and we should 
be able to recognize them as being essentially the same as
us, just like different human races hybridize freelly, and vice

But it is possible all the aliens are originally human, with 
animal and insect and reptillian DNA added in to engineer
varieties of people suited to work in extreme environments.

Or, someone took some smart dinosaurs like deinonychus
and so forth, and doped in human DNA to make them more
useful. And you keep tweaking this mix, and adding to it,
and at some point a line is crossed and instead of a smart
animal you have an animal seeming human being.

Whatever. John's Gospel, referring to God The Logos, 
Second Person of The Holy Trinity, preincarnate Jesus, says
"All things were made through Him, and without Him was not
made anything that was made." chapter 1 verse 3. 

God is also referred to as having made the heavens and the
earth and all that IS in them. that incl. things He did not make
directly but that were born from them according to His 
benediction that they be fertile and multiply. And of course 
things made indirectly by Him, the things made by other things.

That incl. of course genetically engineered beings, and buildings
of stone or wood, and whatever.

Romans 8:19-21 says the whole creation awaits The Second
Coming of Christ and renewal by Him. Colossians 1:19, 20
and Revelation 5:13 says similarly, that the salvation in Christ Jesus
incl. all things. Therefore aliens, if they exist, are included.

There is also plenty of evidence that there is a paranormal
component to all this. Some of it demonic beyond a doubt.
That flesh and blood aliens might exist is not inconsistent
with this, it is not either or, since a flesh and blood human can
have demons and impart them to other humans. 

See a note below about the role of sex in this, and such
impartation of spirits or of influence tulpa like blob whatever,
or some psychic charge or message can be implanted 
by physical contact during some palm reading or other
fortune telling. (I understand there are some hookers on
the road who are also fortune tellers, which is bad trouble.)

Pat Regan argues that demons are only as powerful as you let
them be which is partly true but not entirely, and says we have 
to get control of our inner demons, apparently confusing the two.
Granted the inner demons that are not real can help those that 
are real make trouble for you.

But if you are going to posit extradimensional or transdimensional
entities, you are describing what are known elsewhere as 
angels and demons (and traditional experts on the latter warn
they can masquerade as the former).

The possibility also exists, that there are no aliens or pre Flood
GMO ET, but humans from the past several centuries or even 
earlier, using secret discoveries. Maybe the Nazis got into space.
Maybe we got humans doing some wierd shit from more recent

Alien, human, they are trouble, and/or evil as hell. Being flesh and
blood doesn't rule out their being demonized or at least keeping
familiar spirits which means anyone who gets a mind scan invasion
from one of them may become demon influenced just as could happen
between humans on earth.

Ce4 research has found that seriously committed Christians who
live for Christ and make their daily decisions with Him in mind, almost
never get abducted by aliens, and those who are attacked and call
out to Jesus will stop the abduction in its tracks. This is taken to
prove these are demons, and many may be. But this also works 
against humans using powers whether from demons or on their own.

"transpersonal psychology is a school of psychology that studies the transpersonal, self-transcendent or spiritual aspects of the human experience. Transpersonal experiences may be defined as "experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos".[1] "

isn't that the sort of thing that used to be considered a symptom of schizophrenia
and/or manic delusional states?

time jumping 
either the experience they THINK is time jumping is an astral illusion
where they go into places that have the echoes, shadows, copies, 
shells, residuums of the past and its people, which is of course 


it is a nonexistent phenomenon, and as people try to duplicate this
using back engineering of technology hints described by Basiago
and Co., and realize it doesn't work the whole thing is in danger
of a serious debunking, 

and naturally they want to discourage anyone not part of the fraud
trying to duplicate this stuff.

This is an inadequate effort to address the implications of
the name of this egroup. How should one be rational
regarding ufology?

1. time travel has nothing to do with it. neither is time travel
the same thing as teleporting. This is aside from whether
either of these are possible or exist. They just aren't the
same thing.

2. channeling is not rational in general, because to be
rational about something you need to be in control of your
senses, you need to be able to distinguish reality from
fantasy, and that presupposes NOT being trance states,
also you need to know what and who you are dealing with
and how credible they are. Anyone human demon or alien
could be sending stuff, and it could be one thing one day
and another another and your own craziness and dreams
half the time.

So the latest blather from zetatalk or whatever is categorically
crap. I don't even read those posts.

3. Exopolitics is a wierd idea, in itself. I mean, how do you
engage in political or diplomatic or whatever interactions with
some people who don't talk to you publically? The most
expolitics can do is study what little there is that might tell us
something about them, and prepare to deal with whatever might

pretentious announcements like in one of the links in the link
section about cutting a new deal for humanity with the ETs
is pretty lame. How do you do it? According to reports these
things ALREADY cut a deal with US authorities (or rogue
authorities, the so called treaty being null and void since never
voted on by Congress), and didn't keep their word on at least
two extremely important point.

IN GENERAL, be very very dubious about anything that
makes you feel unique, special, exalted, etc. From lying
seducers to drugs to con gamers, these are the lures. They
appeal to the spiritual sins of pride, vainglory, ambition, etc.
etc. and lead to no good.

Just because something feels good doesn't mean it is.

some people's instincts are screwed all to hell and can't be
trusted. Being too sure of yourself can be a trap.

3. The phenomenon, whatever it is, and it may be several,
is DECEPTIVE. Whether human secret, or alien regardless
of whether these be earth origin from antiquity or separate
created lineage from us entirely, or demonic, it is still

Therefore every caution should be taken.

4. Abductees are not entirely dependent on hypnosis to get
the information. There are sometimes physical evidences, these
have been hashed over in videos, on blogs and in books. I won't
go into it here. Some abductees remember everything consciously,
but that seems rare. Most have some partial initial memory, some
remember a lot and get details from hypnosis.

Hypnosis has broken through screen memories, so that an
apparently human usually nordic is shown in fact to be a disguised

The memories are from conditions of terror, deception and so forth,
so can't be taken at face value, HOWEVER when you collect lots
and lots of information from people who don't know each other
you can correlate the similarities.

This is true regardless of what the abductors actually are.

The skills you need to sort this mess out are those of intelligence
agency analysts. Go study up on this.

you left out something. McKinnon said he found references to 
ship names not in the list of Naval ships and fleet to fleet 
transfers and "non-terrestrial officers."

frankly this sounds more like the rumored earth origin secret
space program and Richard Dolan's breakaway civilization,
than it does aliens, though there seems to have been a mention
of the latter.

when you have sex with anyone, you create a soul link with
them. you impart spirits you have, if any, to them, and they
impart spirits, if they have any, to you. This can happen 
regardless of your role in the situation, incl. being molested
as a child. Some spirits run in families because of other
reasons not sexual per se. 

This can manifest as obsessions and compulsions 
especially in the category of things popular society
mocks at being called sin, but are sin. This can 
manifest in addictions. 

Kurt Koch wrote two or three books I think originally in German,
which dealt with occultism and its results. A large one detailed
case after case where people had sought healing from folk
witch stuff, and while the problem was solved, for themselves 
or a sick cow for instance, new problems always developed
usually psycho spiritual. There might be for instance an 
alcoholism problem develop in them or their children. And so

Those who go to fortune tellers and to those with familiar
spirits or spirit guides, etc. for advice do what The Bible
warns is defiling oneselff with these. Indeed, this can be
the start of a growing state of deception or prelest and
it can get pretty bad. 

An interesting thing I ran into from two sources, one a
preacher and one a drug counsellor of an acquaintance
of mine. Both agreed, when you get into any kind of
compulsive behavior, whether some kinds of religion,
occultism, sexual stuff, or in the case of the drug 
counsellor's comments, drug abuse, you freeze at the
mental age you were when you started.

When you stop, you have to grow up from the age you
were when you started, no matter the age you are when
you stop. For instance, if this started in your mid teens,
you will continue to be like a mid teen mentally, until this
stops, then you have to at, say, fifty years old, grow up
from mid teenage to adulthood. Regardless of your 
chronological age, your mental age has frozen in time.
drugs, you freeze in mental age.


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