Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fwd: Some evidence please?

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Subject: Some evidence please?
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This is Fran's post and our questions are included in the text, bold and underlined. 


   Of course, the Government knows, knows what? This is amphibological. Please clarify what the government knows, and if it contradicts gov. documents, give EVIDENCES of what you say.to believe otherwise is foolish. Do you mean that all those who believe in what the government says are foolish?. Could you probe this statement please? They have known since back in the 1940's or late 1930's. Again, you are very specific here, so please tell us what "they" have known since back in the 40' or late 30's.

Of course, give some evidence showing that what you say is true.


My comment regarding posting material on other sites without written permission that is wrong and illegal applies to all members of UFO Facts including Councillor of Gaia, Councillor Boylan. I have seen where the tentacles of the power elite cabal are doing their usual illegal actions. Your actions are your undoing. Again, be these words mis-used you are running afoul. Take care.

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