Saturday, August 18, 2012

David Wilcock: same old in the "cosmic show"

Now we have this thing named Divine Cosmos, and a young gentleman called David Wilcock with a funny shirt, doing his best to look elegant and a little "alien".

The secret of this Divine Cosmos?  Same old. New Age recycling with those words you know, like "Consciousness, Old World Order, the ETs as Gods who are back to defeat the evildoers. This is Jacques Vallee with some mysticism added and without the honestly of the French researcher.

David Wilcock promises thousands of pages on science… and similar things like soul-growth. Isn't nice? You will be happy with a biggest soul. (Yes…I know that you have no idea about the size of your soul my friend. Between us, there is no such thing, and you don't need any soul, believe me.)

You can buy the short, tacky illustrated books of David, a new cosmic guru who is trying to make some money since 2011. He must compete with several heavy weights like Michael Salla and Alfred Webre, both Exopoliticians, and Andy Basiago, time jumper and mars visitor. Also he will need to defeat several Cosmic Alchemists as Laura Eisenhower.

In his site, (he also believes that he is handsome. Plenty of pictures.) you will find things to BUY…that is the real thing right.

Read things like DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order

Stupid and presenting the Aliens like super-heroes.

Again, in his

…Wilcock ONLINE STORE, you will find the usual silly books full of colored nonsense at different prices.

My advice of course : DO NOT BUY . Let them try another trick. IF YOU DO NOT BUY, perhaps these gentlemen and their gangs will try something different.

Do not give your money to these MARKETING PROPHETS.

Perhaps if you do that, you will meet them again in some street of New York or any other city, playing the three cards trick. (Do not play…you will always loose.)