Saturday, August 4, 2012


Why should we be open and also rationally detached concerning the Aereal and Spatial Unidentifiable Phenomena or UFOs ? Because we THINK. See this:

The Uncertainty Principle in Quantum Theory denies the possibility of accuracy. Therefore, the initial situation of a complex system cannot be accurately determined, and the evolution of a complex system can therefore not be accurately predicted.

CHAOS THEORY studies precisely the complex systems (like the UFO phenomenon, by the way.)

We know that in the development of systems, large number of particles will display a pattern that is near equal to the initial possibilities of a single particle, consequently a complex system will follow this so called law of Self-Similarity.

But what is self-similarity? Self-similarity is the repetition of a shape, form or behavior on different levels of complexity. Not as an identical copy, but as a variation of the same basic shape.

Now, when we analyze a large complex system, we talk about behavior, and this behavior shows : unpredictability, randomness and sovereignty.

The UFO phenomenon is a complex system; unpredictable and (for us) random.

The nature of this complex system is unknown and probably unknowledgeable.