Monday, August 6, 2012

Fwd: Professor G. letters.

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Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 11:22 PM
Subject: Professor G. letters.

What can we expect from the future?
Perhaps, as Professor G. told me once, some Entities and purposes should remain under the compassionate cloak of the UNKNOWN.
"It's better my young friend, to believe that the Universe out there is protecting us with his infinite hand. "
However, men like myself,- said Professor G. -in a Faustian impulse wanted to know more, and some of us learned a few things about what is there, waiting…waiting for the propitious moment.
But please,  me remain silent from now on about these...yes, these unimaginable horrors I wish I could forget.
I will end this short story telling you that Professor G. died in a New England Clinic, after years of total silence. Years he spent sleeping by day, and watching the night sky from his well fenced room's window.
Professor G. never talked about the true nature of those things he learned about the Universe.
He wrote:
"When a big storm threatens our neighborhood, what we do? Of course we remain at home, close our windows and keep some candles at hand.
The sky looks clean tonight and the stars look friendly, but perhaps they are not friendly at all. Who knows? Perhaps it's not good to be aware of the infinite void and the dark matter.
Perhaps we should not remember that we live in a small planet in the suburbs of a spiral galaxy.
Looking for life other than ours? Calling as lost children to the empty sky?
Let us remain silent. It's better that way. It's better to remain unknown.
Are we waiting for some answer?  Better not. I sleep well only when I learn that there was no answer, and the night sky remains silent as usual.
No please, do not ask me what the answer could be. I forgot what I knew about the answer to our unfortunate calls. "