Wednesday, August 8, 2012


More and more cryptic messages...something is going on..!
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Subject: Prof. G. narrative (experiences)

I'm not sure about the experiences of Prof. G. and more important I don't know if these must be known.
I recognize that my understanding about all this is very limited.  I try to keep the style of Prof. G. narrative.
" You should see those faces-said P.G.- In the beginning these are obviously faces but then they change bit by bit, and you understand that what you are seeing is a mutation, you see faces that are no more faces but yes…faces after all. "
"…and many of them, and the noise, some kind of modulated noise, music perhaps but oh so different to everything we know. "
"…you see, there are so many changing forms, yes…forms, and tension grows and fear, but then something crashes inside you. Something in you is no more you, (no I don't mean that) and you don't care, you are not afraid anymore, because nothing can be worse that what was seen already. (Worse is not the word, no not worse, but different, alien, unknown…the fear of rational mind inevitable collapse.)
"…but at the same time knowing that all that is real, and precisely that is what produces the collapse."